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   Chapter 916 Flagrance

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Leef was thrown away and fell down on the far area of the beach. Blood gushed out of his mouth. The beach beneath him turned red from the bleeding.

The cultivators around were surprised out of their minds.

They couldn't believe that Leef, the master who was in the medium stage of Astral Realm, was gravely injured by a single arrow.

They stared at the long purple bow in Austin's hands with both fear and envy.

Without a doubt, it was an extraordinary magical weapon.

"Ugh! The Invincible Bow is truly powerful, but it had cost me too much vital energy just to launch a single attack."

Austin looked at Leef who was lying down on the ground and smiled bitterly.

He had used almost half of his stored vital energy just to release the arrow.

Austin actually had a vital energy stone inside his elixir field. It was where he stored most of his vital energy.

But it would cost him too much vital energy to launch another arrow from the Invincible Bow.

He would surely run out of vital energy if he continued to use it.

What should Austin do next?

"Aha, it's your turn now!"

Leef was still lying on the beach. Austin prepared to release another arrow from the bow. He raised his right hand and pulled the string tightly. His vital energy and the spiritual energy around him were all channeled into the Invincible Bow.

A purple arrow materialized from the energy and pointed to another stout steward from the Sky Sect.

The Sky Sect sent three stewards altogether that day.

Leef along with the other two.

"Austin! you..."

The stout steward was almost frightened to death when he saw Austin's arrow was pointing at him.

He should be afraid.

His cultivation base was just at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm, which was even lower than Leef.

"Stop this!

His bow seems to be a holy weapon. We don't stand a chance against it.

I've sent a spiritual sense message to our four elders!"

added another gentlemanlike st

m his vital energy stone to refill his energy meridians.

But to his surprise and embarrassment, the vital energy stone in his elixir field was completely out of energy.

It was totally empty. He could no longer withdraw any vital energy from it.

Austin came to be aware how much energy it would cost anytime he released an arrow from the Invincible Bow.

'I have to store enough vital energy in the stone before I use the Invincible Bow.

That's the only way if I want to use this bow again, '

thought Austin.

He then stored the Invincible Bow into his Space Ring.

At the same time, the gentlemanlike steward quickly retreated towards the center of the Sand Island.

He had sent messages with his spiritual sense to the four elders of the Sky Sect, telling them what just transpired.

"Austin! You little bastard!

You killed people of our Sky Sect again. How dare you do this to us?


Flagrance indeed!"

"Austin, you bastard! Go to hell!"

Suddenly, in the center of the Sand Island, a few people growled.

At the same time, four people's shadows rose from the ground and rushed towards Austin.

They growled, creating a sound wave that spread over to the entire island.

Everyone in the Sand Island were trembling in fear.

Who was that? Who could have such strength?

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