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   Chapter 914 How Dare you

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The purple arrow broke into the array the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch had formed.

They were in an array called the Super Collective Array.

The ten of them were closely connected to one another due to the array.

If any of them was to be hurt by the purple arrow, the rest would also sustain the same injuries in their own bodies.

An explosion that trembled the earth resounded.

A destructive and powerful vital energy wave coming from the arrow hit the center of the array which then spread towards different directions in an instant.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ten figures were thrown away.

Meanwhile, stones and sands were dancing in the air as the strong wind blew violently.

It took quite a long time before the place quieted down.

The Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch lay on the ground a thousand meters away from where they used to stand.

They were all covered in blood and their clothes were a total mess.

Grimacing in sheer pain, four of them struggled to get up.

The rest were motionless and no one could tell whether they were dead or simply blacked out.

'Oh, jeez!'

All the warriors who had witnessed what just happened were all in shock.

They stared at the injured disciples from the Sky Sect in utter disbelief.

The outcome definitely caught Austin by great surprise as well.

It was the first time that he had used the Invincible Bow. He did not expect this new weapon to be so powerful.

The Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch were all at the Master Realm.

Apparently, they didn't deserve to be called top masters.

But the Super Collective Array they had formed was overwhelmingly powerful.

Even the Astral Realm masters would have a hard time defending themselves from it.

However, just a few moments ago, Austin used the Invincible Bow to break the array with one move and hurt all Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch badly.

.. .

"The Invincible Bow is very cool. I have just broken its first restriction but it already displayed such horrifying power,"

Austin murmured as he touched the bow.

The fact was, there were ten levels of restriction in using the Invincible Bow.

The more restrictions he broke, the more powerful the bow would be.

Austin gave it all his best and could barely break the first restric

destructive power.

This time, Austin aimed the purple arrow directly at Leef.

Austin was aware that he and the Sky Sect would never achieve peace, and even if he let the three stewards go, the leaders from the sect would still refuse to spare his life.

Hence, he decided to show no mercy to those from the Sky Sect.

Noting Austin was planning to shoot him, Leef felt like a helpless target with nowhere to run.

He was engulfed by infinite panic and anger.

"Don't you dare!"

Leef snarled at Austin in a menacing tone.


Austin responded by releasing the purple arrow.

Leef didn't expect Austin to have the guts to shoot him. Startled and rattled, he activated his bodily movement skill to try and dodge the arrow.

Sensing the great power the arrow contained, he knew he wouldn't be able to withstand it.

However, his attempt failed

for the arrow flew directly towards him at an amazingly fast speed.

It came towards its target as it rotated and created a whirlwind.

Moments later, the arrow was right on Leef.

Eyes widening in shock, Leef started channeling his vital energy and used all of it to force the arrow to turn its direction.


A loud noise cut through the air.

The wave caused by the two strong vital energies spread in an instant.

Leef froze for a minute before he was thrown away.

He kept spitting out blood as he flew in the air. Soon, the strong smell of blood filled the atmosphere.

Some observant cultivators spotted a big wound on Leef's shoulder from which blood spurted out.

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