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   Chapter 914 First Try Of The Invincible Bow (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6983

Updated: 2019-09-19 00:12

Without further thought, Austin took the Invincible Bow out of his Space Ring.

As soon as the bow met the air, a rainbow aura began to appear around it. Soon, the body of the Invincible Bow started to shine with a violet aura and the reflection of the ocean added a sense of mystery to it.

Not wasting another second, Austin grabbed the Invincible Bow and started his Thunderbolt Movement Skill at the same time. Instantly, he disappeared right before the eyes of the crowd. The next thing they saw was Austin standing miles away from them.

Earlier, Austin had acknowledged that the potential of the Invincible Bow would only show fully when the owner was distant from the enemies.

When Austin made sure that no one was around him, he grabbed the bow by his left hand and laid his fingers of the other hand on the string. Following closely to the instructions, he pulled the string to the maximum that it could extend. He used an incredible amount of physical power.


Something happened that was beyond his expectation. The arm-sized body of the violet bow started shaking.

All Austin could feel was a great force of suction!

Within a second, all the vital energy stored inside his body, his energy meridians, his elixir field and the golden ball inside his stomach started to be absorbed by that force, rushing out from its original place. They went off extremely fast and ran wildly in his veins. All the energy was flowing throw his veins to the same place, the Invincible Bow!

Not only did Austin feel the intense suction from within his body, but also the air around him. Vital energy that was flowing in the air, buried in the sand was all been attracted and flowing incredibly fast, aiming the Invincible Bow in his hand.

Before Austin could breathe again, a sense of emptiness hit his body. It happened so because almost one third of the stored vital energy was taken from him by the Invincible Bow in the blink of an eye.

On top of that, almost all the spiritual energy hidden in the space around him was also sucked by the bow.

In an instant,

by the destroying power of the rolling arrow. However, it was the horizontal instead of the vertical. Never in their life had they seen a tornado that was rolling parallel to the ground.

A bunch of coconut trees creaked and sand was whipped up into the air. The gigantic column of violent twisting air was rotating parallel to the ground. It started moving towards the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch with a purple arrow spinning at the core of the tornado.

All the people were nearly blinded as they looked at the twister across the plains. All they could do was keep their spiritual sense out at a distance, to feel the movement of the opponents.

"Move! All of you! Now!"

What Leef had feared the most happened in this very second. Although he had never seen anything like this bow, he knew to the core that the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch plus the three elders altogether wouldn't be able to take even one strike of it. The giant tornado whirling towards them would break their array for sure and throw them onto ground.


This is freaking incredible!'

Austin had never predicted the power of the Invincible Bow. Thus, he was as shocked as his enemies.

His mind had run wild when he stared at the gigantic tornado that was in their way. Austin was completely surprised and astonished by the real power of the weapon he had gained.

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