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   Chapter 912 Be The New Master Of Invincible Bow

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As tall as a man, the purple bow gave off a bright light, making its bold color stand out of the crowd as if it was the most important thing at that very moment.

Austin touched the bow gently, sensing a terrifying and eerie power hidden deep in it.

The destructive power made him feel the chills and goosebumps started racing all over his body out of fear of the unknown.

Austin, who was indeed the most curious, managed to release his spiritual sense to detect the purple bow.

Soon, he noticed that there was something special about it—a wisp of spiritual sense was contained inside.

With great care and concern for what he just discovered, he controlled his spiritual sense to approach it the gentlest way as possible.

Several seconds later, with the help of this spiritual sense, he found out that the wisp of spiritual soul used to be incredibly powerful but it was going to vanish after all these years.

"Hey, young man."

The wisp of spiritual soul surprisingly communed with Austin through the spiritual sense.

With such immediate contact from an unknown soul, Austin was taken aback by the new voice he heard.

'Oh my! The wisp of spiritual soul inside the bow can speak to me through spiritual sense.

I found this stunning purple bow in the battlefield under the sea and picked it up out of curiosity. Its master must have died a long time ago, and he must have been exceptional in terms of skill and power.

It's so unlikely that his wisp of spiritual soul still exists inside the bow so I guess he was indeed promising, ' he contemplated.

.. .

Even though the wisp of spiritual soul's capability to communicate surprised Austin, he was sure that it was too weak to be a threat to him.

"Excuse me sir, may I know your name?"

he asked gingerly through spiritual sense.


You don't need to know my name.

I'm glad you found the Invincible Bow.

But brat, you're too weak!

Assessing your current strength, you can't even use the Invincible Bow in full force.

But for you to actually find it means that you are destined to have it,"

the wisp of spiritual soul expressed vulgarly.

'Invincible Bow?'

Austin only found out the name of the purple bow through their exchange.

"Brat, good luck to you!

to set foot here,"

the young man expressed his disbelief.

He was one of the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch.

He was under the supervision of the four old men having tea in the lobby, the elders of the Sky Sect.

This place was the Sky Sect's stronghold on the Sand Island.

The South Continent of Prime Martial World had three biggest holy kingdoms and one of them was the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom wherein the Sky Sect existed as one of its top five sects.

More than the power it held, it definitely was one of the most influential sects on the whole South Continent.

So it was duly for them to have their stronghold built at the center of the Sand Island.

"You go get Austin immediately.

He had the nerve to destroy our stronghold and kill our people then show up as if nothing happened?

We can't spare him, or our sect will be a laughingstock in the South Continent," one of the other four elders huffed in annoyance.

He was so angry that he banged the table, making their tea spill from their cups.

"Leef, you take another two stewards and the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch with you. You must successfully bring Austin to us.

I'll show the others what consequences they would face if they decide to mess with our sect,"

one elder, Darryl said sternly.

"We will, Elder Darryl,"

a middle-aged man answered with conviction.

He then led the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch out of the lobby, ready to take Austin alive.

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