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   Chapter 910 Arriving At The Sand Island (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-09-18 00:13

The three of them were eager to get in but it seemed that there was no way to open the gates now. "Aigrette Palace! What a wonderful place," murmured Austin to himself.

When Austin and his two young friends stood marveling at the grandiose building, a large number of warriors had gathered on the vast expanse of the Sand Island. As far as the eye could see, there was hustling and bustling of the crowd, which grew denser and clamorous.

Austin roughly estimated that the number of men on the Sandy Island were at least sixty to seventy thousand, if not a hundred thousand.

He reached that estimate because on the island which was nearly as big as about fifty thousand square meters, there were men everywhere, even at the most out-of-the-way corner.

It amazed Austin that so many people would come all the way to this unknown remote island. That made him realize that nobody could resist the temptation of a treasure hunt in the residence of an ancient master.

Almost all the influential groups in the South Continent of Prime Martial World, even the less stronger ones, had sent their people to hunt for treasures. It showed how all of them wanted to take their chances and acquire whatever treasures they could.

Austin reckoned that the island, which was like a haven of peace, would soon become a bloody battlefield.

"Jimmy! Look! Our family is over there! Let's go to them! I thought I would never see my family again! Oh, Austin, thank you for your help." Kimberley was overjoyed at the sight of her family.

"Yes Austin! Thank you for your help. We wouldn't have made it if it was not for you! Do you want to join us? Of course, you can join us! The elders will be grateful if they come to know that you saved us!" Jimmy was also over the moon as he invited Austin to meet the members of his family.

Austin didn't like it when someone called him by his real name because he had a lot of enemies. But Jimmy and Kimberley were innocent and always forgot about it. Though Austin had dropped a ton of hints to make them understand and avoid using his real name, but most of the time, it was of no use.

Afraid that their innocence would land him in trouble, he was compelled to refuse their offer. "No, thank you! I prefer to stay alone. Thank you for your invitation though.

Just go! Go and find your family. Be safe." Austin patted Jimmy on his back.

Jimmy looked into Austin's eyes. They seemed to be pleading. B

t also high up in the clouds. The building still looked immense and gigantic. He kept wondering what he would see if he really set foot in the palace.

The palace was hidden by one auspicious cloud, and stood out against a background of magnificent beams of radiating sunshine. The cloud seemed to be rich in spiritual energy, and was staying close as though monitoring or guarding it.

"I'm afraid the residence of the ancient master won't open any time soon," murmured Austin. "Well, I guess I have plenty of time to do something else."

He could do what was on his mind from a long time. Austin reached inside his Space Ring and took out the heavy purple bow.

Austin assumed that the weapon was an extraordinary magical treasure, since it was from the remains of an ancient battlefield. It was a wonder that the bow was still in good condition and ready for use.

'If I can refine it, I will have a new trump card." Austin was pretty confident about it.

Austin had made up his mind about the bow, so he released his spiritual sense and it swept the area.

'Great! Nobody is paying any attention to me!' Austin grinned.

Suddenly, he initiated his miniature City model and sent himself into it.

When Austin was nowhere to be found, the City shrank to the size of a grain of sand and fell onto the beach. It blended completely into the white fine sand of the beach. It became as peaceful as it was before.

On the other hand, Austin was standing in the middle of an empty street of the City. He released the heavy purple bow. The bow suspended itself mid-air and awaited for its new master to take control.

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