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   Chapter 910 Arriving At The Sand Island (Part One)

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Jimmy and Kimberley felt much better after taking the elixir that Austin had generously presented as a gift. It was a precious sixth level elixir. The lucky brother and sister expressed their gratitude after taking the medicine obediently. Then they immediately sat down on the ground and directed the elixir energy through concentration to those part of the body which were severely injured. A little while later, they were able to recover from the fatal wounds and got rid of all their suffering.

When both of them seemed stable, they made a move. The three of them fled the small island and flew in the direction which Jimmy identified as the Sand Island.

Jimmy and Kimberley were young, so was Austin. Therefore, the awkwardness and silence prevailing earlier among them vanished soon after they began the second half of their journey.

They had casual conversations every now and then. The boys, Jimmy and Austin, did most of the talking while Kimberley jumped in the discussion time to time. They were on good terms with each other.

In the course of the conversation, Austin learned something more about his two new friends.

He came to know that Jimmy and Kimberley were not only siblings, but they were also members of the younger generation of the famous Jin Family in the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom. What a big surprise!

The Jin Family had held highly respectable positions in the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom for generations. It was a revered, and sometimes regarded as an intimidating old name.

This time there were rumors that the residence of a mysterious ancient master was going to emerge in the Middle World Waters. A lot of strong, rising families had taken effective measures to hunt for legendary treasures. The Jin Family was one of them. Rumor also made rounds that the elders of the Jin Family had led a group of elite disciples and were hurrying on their way to the Middle World Waters.

Jimmy and Kimberley told Austin how they were separated from the other family members several days ago and met with an accident. Before Austin made an inquiry, they confessed that they were with five other family disciples. And in fact, they were out on a mission to hunt sea beasts. Their elders had ordered them to retrieve as many beast cores

feel better to see land after seeing boundless blue water all along the way.

The island also attracted a variety of wading birds, such as herons and egrets. There were many cheerful songbirds too hovering in the sky or strolling around. Looking around, Austin felt that not all islands were created equally. The beauty of the Sand Island was far greater than what he had seen till now and it was defined by its luxuriant jungles and velvety peaks.

But it was not only the vast territory, plentiful birds, or scenic beauty that made this island so unique. There was more to it!

It was a huge palace that towered above the peak and was floating in the sky. Magnificent rays of glittering light beamed from the palace. Auspicious clouds gathered around it and served as its support. Incomparable spiritual energy enveloped the majestic building and the upturned eaves appeared distinctly.

The huge palace stood in the void. The two bronze gates that were hundreds of meters high were closed.

The steps that led to the gates were made of pure white jade and the handrails were made of gold. On the plaque hanging high in front of it was inscribed the name of the palace, Aigrette Palace.

'Isn't it the legendary residence of the ancient master? How marvelous! The building itself is an artistic treasure of supernatural workmanship, '

Austin thought as he looked with awe at the magnificent grand palace suspended in the sky. He could not help but admire the palace for its beauty and extravagance.

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