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   Chapter 909 News About The Ancient Master's Residence

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The Ghost Puppet Sect disciples realized that they had messed with the wrong person.

All they could really think about was how to escape from jeopardy.

"Are you planning to run away?" Austin asked with a piercingly numb laugh. "Do you think I'll let you go?"

'They wanted to rob me. They most certainly are not good people.

I have no reason to consider sparing their lives, ' he thought.

In an instant, Austin drew the Lightning Sword, its blade glimmering brightly in his hand.

Dozens of powerful beams of sword aura shot towards the robbers as he waved his sword in the air.

The thunder and lightning energy contained within the sword aura hit one of them with extraordinary force.

Suddenly, the shrieks of men cut through the silence.

All the disciples of the sect including Mark laid dead with their bodies scattered in pieces. The water running beneath them was colored with flesh and blood.

.. .

Austin surveyed the scene before him. Satisfied with his victory, he put his Lightning Sword aside.

His eyes fell then fell on the young man and woman cowering together.

'They seem to be in their twenties. They are at the medium stage of Imperial Realm.

The man looks like a simple, honest man.

But there is something lovely about the woman, ' he remarked in his head, studying the strangers.

All this while, the pair were intently observing Austin's every move too.

His performance had left them dumbfounded.

They knew without a doubt that Austin could take them out easily.

"Sir! I have something for you. Please take these three blue magic herbs.

And in return, I beg you to spare our lives,"

the young man said abruptly.

He opened his palms to reveal the magic herbs. They were of a bright sapphire blue color. It looked like they were emanating spiritual energy from within. Austin's nose tingled against their fragrance as the man brought his palms closer to him.

Although Austin looked younger than himself, the man did not want to take any chances.

The fact that the lad was undoubtedly stronger than he was made him choose his words cautiously.

"So these are blue magic herbs?"

Austin asked in an indifferent voice.

He examined the herbs in the young man's palm.

He was aware that these magic herbs were exceptionally rare. They were used to create some powerful grade-six elixirs.

"What did you do to get into trouble with those people?"

Austin asked, as he moved the man's extended palms away to show he didn't want the herbs.

In that moment, Austin wasn't

There was still a long way to go to the Sand Island and the pair knew that they would have to face more perilous conditions.

Majestic sea beasts dwelled in the depths of the sea. They often emerged to the top and posed grave danger to the lives of men.

They had only reached the medium stage of Imperial Realm. They knew they wouldn't be able to cross the waters without help.

They had witnessed Austin's strength. Having a powerful man with them would keep them safer.

Hence, they couldn't resist their delight at his proposal and made no attempt to hid it.

"I'm younger than you, so you can just call me by the name.

I'm Austin Lin.

What are your names?"

Austin asked the strangers who had now become his companions on an adventure.

"Sir, I'm Jimmy Jin.

and this is my sister. Her name is Kimberley Jin,"

the young man replied after some hesitation.

"Nice to meet you,"

Austin nodded politely.

He then took out some pills from his Space Ring and gave them to them.

"Take these pills... We will head there after resting for a while.

Also, just call me by my name, not Sir," he added.

Austin discovered that they had sustained serious injuries during their fight with those Ghost Puppet Sect disciples.

He gave them some of the grade six elixirs he had with him.

Those were the only elixirs he had for healing wounds.

"Thank you, sir... I mean Austin."

Jimmy bowed his head in gratitude while taking the pills.

When he had a closer look at them, he was shocked to the core.

'These are grade-six pills, ' he exclaimed in his head.

Grade six elixirs were as precious as life to Imperial Realm cultivators like him and his sister.

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