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   Chapter 907 Confront With Mark

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7004

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Austin landed on the island quickly.

"Who are you?" a person asked.

The people on the island spotted Austin the instant he appeared.

"Hey, guys," Austin greeted flatly.

He walked toward the meadow unhurriedly.

More than ten men who were dressed similarly had surrounded a young man and a girl.

The young man and woman looked furious.

The group of similarly-dressed men was passing insulting remarks towards the two.

And the man in charge was Mark, the principal disciple of the Ghost Puppet Sect.

Obviously, the other men with him were also from the Ghost Puppet Sect.

"What the hell are you doing here, Austin?" Mark asked in a surprised, alert tone.

He recognized Austin immediately.

Austin had left a deep impression on him as the two had once fought intensely at the Sunset Mountain.

But, he didn't expect to meet Austin again in the Middle World Waters.

"Austin!" the other disciples of Ghost Puppet Sect muttered.

Astonishment reflected on their faces.

People in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom had been talking about Austin. So they had also heard rumors about Austin.

"Is he Austin?"

"I thought he was incredibly strong. It looks like I overestimated him."


All disciples of Ghost Puppet Sect except Mark stared at Austin as they discussed with each other.

Amazed and excited, Mark slowly made his way toward Austin.

He was reminded of rumors that he had heard about Austin.

It was said that Austin had acquired the Sword Emperor's valuable treasure while at the Sunset Mountain.

Mark had also heard that Austin had taken the Fire Stela with him and practiced superior martial arts skills on the stela.

All warriors coveted these two treasures.

That was why Mark remembered those rumors the second he recognized Austin.

Greed spewed from Mark's eyes.

Since he had fought against Austin once before, Mark knew of his opponent's capabilities. He understood that Austin's strength was at par with his own.

But now, Mark had a dozen companions by his side.

And they were principal disciples of the Ghos

's mind at ease.

"Is that so? Do you think you can harm me with these ridiculous puppets?"

Austin countered casually.

He then unleashed the power of two million pounds from his body.

Then with a sly grin, Austin clapped his hands several times, as if he was swatting annoying mosquitos.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

The puppets were thrown away, one by one.

Within a few seconds, all the puppets had been projected into the sky. Some fell to the ground and exploded, while the others dropped into the sea.

Austin had taken care of all the puppets that had shot toward him in such a short time that the disciples of Ghost Puppet Sect couldn't believe what they had seen.

'How could it be possible?'

Stunned, Mark and his companions looked at their broken puppets, their eyes almost popping out.

They were too shaken up to think clearly.

The result was beyond their imagination.

A few seconds later, one disciple from the group snapped out of the shock he was feeling.


he shouted.

Then he leaped into the air in an attempt to run away.

His shouting drew his companions back from their astonishment.

No one dared to think about stealing Austin's treasures now as

Austin had shown how incredible his physical strength was.

After all, he had destroyed over seventy puppets, which could be at par with Imperial Realm cultivators, in two seconds.

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