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   Chapter 907 Reaching The Medium Stage Of Master Realm

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'Hmm.. It seems like the titan's power is sealed by the huge golden sword.

Looks like this giant is sleeping peacefully.

He's kind of funny, though. I can't believe he talked in his sleep!'

Austin thought to himself as he watched the titan.

Even a single sound from the titan could shake the whole earth for his mouth was a thousand meters wide.

And any sound it produced could be heard as a furious growl from a giant monster.

"Kevin, I'm going to kill you!


the titan whispered, which seemed like a growl for revenge.

'I know this titan seems amazing, but I bet that Kevin is stronger than him.

After all, it was this Kevin guy who won their last fight and locked him up with a golden sword. How strong could Kevin possibly get?'

Austin trembled at the thought.

Meanwhile, while the titan was fast asleep, with a little bit of murmur here and there, Austin's eyes fell on the huge golden sword in front of him.

From what he had seen, the blade of the sword was smacked right in the belly of the titan, and the golden sword-light given off by the sword attacked the titan continuously.

But Austin could only see the blade part of the whole sword since it was so huge that the handle was already above the clouds.

'Wow. Whatever this sword is or wherever it came from, I bet it must be such an incredible treasure now that it really pinned the titan to the ground.

I wish I had one, though, ' he said inwardly.

And although he gushed over the sword so badly, he had no intention of being its master.

'But I really don't think I'm strong enough to even remove the sword from his body!

Even if I succeed on that plan, what the hell am I going to do when he wakes up?

Who can bring him down again?

I can tell by his aura that he's not just some peaceful goody titan. What if he kills innocent people after I set him free? I can't take the blame for that.

Who, in the Prime Martial World, would be willing and be able to stop him?'

Austin gave his own self a mocking smile and intended to leave.

And with all the questions that boggled his head, he had just planned to stop his adventure

because he thought that the place was far too dangerous for him to tread alone.

And from time to time he could sense the ground tremble. It was as if the titan was not the only huge creature around the area.

'Perhaps other monstrously big and spooky monsters are nearby.

Thank God the titan was under restraints. If not, then this adventure could be the death of me!

But on the other hand, if I meet some free roaming violent creatures, then I'll be in a lot of trouble. Yes, I'd better leave while I still can.'


Austin turned around and leaped into the air. And without saying anoth

d the waters nearby with the help of his spiritual sense.

It was a good thing that there were no major hurdles for him for he only spotted a few sea beasts that lurked around the area.

Meanwhile, Violet and the gnome jumped inside of the Illusion Bead again.

Austin was much faster than the two

and having both of them in water with him would only slow him down.

After he settled everything, he then rushed straight toward the sea surface at full speed.

His Waters-dividing Bead helped him a lot on his journeys. This magic bead allowed him to move in the water as quickly as he could do on land. With this special bead beside him, nothing could slow him down now.

And just after a few seconds of trailing on the surface of the sea, he soared into the sky and went to the Third Outer Ring.

He opted to go to the Third Outer Ring first to check if the leader of the mermaids was in Justin's place.

'If they have already freed the leader of mermaids from the ancestral mausoleum, I can get three bottles of Magic Sea Water as the princesses promised me, ' he thought.

He did not waste any time and went straight to his destination.

Suddenly, cussing and fighting noises echoed throughout the area.

Of course, Austin was curious and he wanted to know what was happening to his left. To ease his confusion, he then released his spiritual sense to figure it out once and for all.

With the use of his spiritual sense, he saw an island below.

About a dozen unidentified figures stood on the island.

He then probed the figures using his spiritual sense to figure out their identities.

"Oh shit. Here they are again,"

he murmured in displeasure as he raised one of his eyebrows.

After thinking for a while, Austin changed his plan and headed towards the island to see what was really going on.

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