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   Chapter 905 Black Titan

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When the wind blew towards Austin, the Fire Stela released a repressive force at the wind.

In a flash, the attack was turned futile.

The wind twisted and dissipated completely. It didn't even leave a trace anywhere.

'That's so cool!'

Austin exclaimed with delight.

'I didn't think that the Fire Stela will be so amazing!'

Austin was aware that he wouldn't be able to withstand the sword-light and the wind ball with his current strength.

However, the Fire Stela was able to handle both them in one go. It had easily brought them to an end.


Being under the Fire Stela's protection, Austin was not much scared of the battlefield where he was.

He exerted his bodily movement skill and jumped into the air.

'I'm going have a good look at this area, ' he thought.

Using his Thunderbolt Movement Skill, he flew ahead and above the field.

He looked down and saw heaps of bones and stretches of blood which had turned the land dark red here and there.

The skeletons belonged to different species, including humans, huge beasts and monsters.

Surprisingly there were some bones which Austin couldn't even recognize.

He saw a variety of things as he moved his eyes across the land.

Besides incalculable skeletal remains, there were broken weapons and magic treasures scattered everywhere.

Austin felt his heart ache at the sight of the debris lying all around.

He felt remorse because he knew that the weapons which were ruined now, used to be powerful magic treasures earlier.

And when the magic treasures were destroyed, the powers inside them were gone.

Now they were just worthless scrap metals.

Although some of them seemed to be intact, they were useless trash. It was because they had already lost their power after being deserted for a long time.

'If I can find a useful magic treasure here, I'll yearn for nothing.

But this place is full of danger and surprises.

Indeed, many invincible masters had fought here before they were killed.

I'm sure their magic treasures must have been incredibly powerful.'

Holding onto the hope of finding some precious ma


The black smoke was intertwined with the shining golden light.

When Austin looked down, he saw a scary black giant which was lying on the ground.

He was huge like a mountain.

Covered in thick body hair, he was extremely tall and huge. He looked like a magnified version of a chimpanzee.

Each hair on his body was several hundred meters long and dozens of meters wide.

It meant that even his hair was dozens of times bigger than Austin.

Each of his eyes was bigger than a pool, and his head was larger than a mountain.

The tip of his finger was as big as a house.

Looking at his big size, Austin was convinced that the black titan could take him out with only one finger.

He was baffled and kept staring at the big guy.

He swallowed down his saliva as his mouth turned dry. He was filled with sheer fear and astonishment.

Austin had always thought that such a titan only existed in myths.

But now, he had got the chance to see a titan in person.

Austin suddenly noticed that there was a towering golden sword in the titan's belly, pinning him down to the ground.

To some extent it brought relief to Austin and lessened his fright.

Golden light kept emitting from the sword and fell on the giant's body.

Blood kept seeping out from the cuts. There were about dozens of pools of blood around his body, especially near the place where the sword lay thrust into the titan's body.

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