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   Chapter 904 The Power Of The Fire Stela

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6924

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Austin, the gnome, and Violet froze, overwhelmed by the powerful energy attacks the souls had launched towards them.

Dumbfounded, they thought, 'That is truly remarkable.

Even those masters' souls could still destroy the stars in the sky.

What an extraordinary battle they had just been through.

Whoever was at war must have possessed a terrifying power.

Although they were dead, their souls continued their fierce battle.

A tense, sad, oppressive, and cruel atmosphere filled the air.

This field that covered an area of about hundreds of millions of miles had turned into a deserted mess. It is very heartbreaking to see.'

While the three were still studying the land in ruins, a strong and chilly wind blew from the distance.

The visible wind which was a thousand meters wide contained furious yells.

In the blink of an eye, it came towards Austin.

"Heads up!" Austin warned his companions.

With his spiritual sense, he had detected that something dangerous was approaching them.

The wind had reached such an abnormally high velocity that it was faster than Austin even if he activated his Thunderbolt Movement Skill.

"You should both go into the Illusion Bead right now,"

Austin shouted with furrowed eyebrows.

Without wasting a second, Violet and the gnome rushed into the bead as he said.

The wind moved so fast and gave off a creepy aura as if it was about to destroy everything it passed through.

'Seems like the wind was formed by a cultivator's infinite anger and hate.'

Austin's strong spiritual sense enabled him to detect the wind's possible source.

As the wind approached closer, Austin felt a chill creep up on his spine with the aura of the dead.

Aware that he had no way to run away from the upcoming attack, Austin tried his best to defend himself from it.

Austin summoned the Moonlight Armor, the Magic Protective Bell and the Violet Royal Umbrella to protect himself.

At the same time, he released his vital energy and used it to create a wall in front of him.

Despite all that, he was

out of Austin's body and floated over his head.

It emitted a bright golden dazzling light.

Meanwhile, it also gave off intense heat which spread out in all directions.

All of a sudden, it was as hot as summer.

'I got it!'

Austin's eyes lit up immediately.

'It turns out the Fire Stela saved me from that sword-light.'

At this point, the Fire Stela was hanging over his head. Golden light kept emanating from it as the heat filled the air. The stela was like a sun that gave off strong light and heat.


That sword-light came towards Austin once again.


The Fire Stela released an overwhelming power to block the sword-light.

The sword-light aggressively moved towards Austin.

But the moment it met the force coming from the stela, it dissipated in an instant.


Austin was overjoyed by what he just saw.

'What a pleasant surprise.

I didn't expect that it could be this helpful in combat.'

Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!

The sound of another creepy wind resounded from the distance.

It was another blast of fierce wind coming towards Austin.

The next second, it appeared right in front of him.

Austin had no way to escape.

He had to withdraw all the vital energy from his body and use it to create a wall in an attempt keep himself safe.

He prayed that the Fire Stela could once again work wonders to save him.

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