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   Chapter 904 The Stone Door Of Time And Space

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10600

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Inside the cave was an array of stone steps which smoothly extended diagonally downward as if leading you to a secret passage no one knew about.

As people walked into such dim place, the surroundings would creep and remind them of a bygone era long gone. There seemed to be an ancient smell which originated from and probably distilled inside of the cave that was obviously out of place in such era.

What brought most surprise to everyone was that even though the cave was located at the bottom of the sea, there was no water pouring in as if it was in an isolated bubble.

The cave was beyond the reality of the deep blue sea, as if it had been completely cut off from the seawater by an invisible mysterious force.

Some gravel, unusually golden and beaming in light yet far from being identified, was laid on both sides of the stone steps. They gave off glimmer and eventually bright glare which illuminated the path in the cave.

Austin together with Violet and the gnome was walking down carefully, tiptoeing slowly along the stone steps lit by the golden gravel. Totally clueless of what was waiting for them ahead, they were nothing but nervous

of the strange sounds echoing—an unfamiliar howl, a loud roar, sharp sword clashing, and uncontained energy bursting.

Undoubtedly, these sounds belonged to the battlefield that they were yet to figure out where. However, this time, the familiarly uncomfortable sounds seemed to come from deep inside of the cave.

They couldn't confirm with their own senses whether it was an illusion or a reality.

All kinds of sounds kept echoing, bouncing from every wall throughout the cave.

'Is there a fierce battle taking place in the depths of the cave?' The thought popped into their confused minds.

However, just as Austin, Violet, and the gnome were about to listen carefully and finally make sense of those echoes, the sounds disappeared, not even faded first.

To keep themselves sane, they could only try to convince themselves that it was nothing but delusion.

The strange occurrence made them feel in the mean of being frightened and alright.

Among the three, Austin was the most frightened one that was so unlikely for his stature. After all, he had a strong spiritual sense, but now he couldn't still figure out whether it was reality or an illusion meant to mess with their heads.

Austin released his spiritual sense, attempting to explore the area deep in the cave. However, what he had probed was a world of nothing but a mess, an unexplainable chaos.

"Be careful. There is something unnatural about the cave,"

Austin warned his companions.

About an hour of following the trail, they finally reached the end of the stone steps.

There was a quaint door that was made up of old stone and was interestingly clear, as transparent as the crystal.

The humongous stone door, sparkling with a ray of light, was covered by a multi-color energy shield radiating uniquely. If they wanted to enter the stone door, they should pass through the special shield.

Not until he was standing in front of the stone door, did he realize that the noises they heard earlier were really fr

them by sharing his power.

He hadn't seen such spatial force before and was glad to have the chance to observe it now, so he focused his attention to feel the power he was so curious of.

Then Austin and Violet felt faint and dizzy as if the sky and earth began to reel, making it hard to keep their stance. Wrapped in the spatial force, they were sent to safely pass through the stone door to cross the other side that Austin looked forward to. .


The moment Austin, Violet, and the gnome entered the space, they were utterly shocked by the scene that unfolded before their eyes to the point that they ended up mutely watching what was going on.

It was such a desolate land that within their sight was no greenery, not an inch of grass but only of barren fields hardly toiled, stretched across the landscape.

Looking around the area, they expected to see something different, but they could only see huge cracks that were a few miles widespread in the area. The cracks, just like a spider web, intertwined and zigzagged all over the land, depicting unsafe and unstable ground.

Rivers all had dried up and mountains also collapsed. No sight of life was seen or even felt.

Raising their heads to have a look in the sky, they saw numerous space cracks, shaped like the huge mouths of beasts. It instilled mixed feelings of fear and astonishment into the hearts of anyone who saw it.

The whole land was enveloped by a dreadful aura as if it was meant to give you a feeling you couldn't understand. A gust of wind blowing, the air was filled with something ruthless and fierce. The scene was eerie that it made people's hair stand on end, scaring the hell out of each individual.

Obviously, a bloody war must have taken place in that very place.

"Kill them!"

Ghastly cries and screams seemed to be coming from a distance. The remaining souls of warriors kept charging, fighting, and killing, filling the atmosphere with guilt, anger, and sorrow.

Heaven rent asunder and earth cracked. Austin even saw the stars fall down from the sky to the land, vanishing into nothingness.

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