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   Chapter 902 A Mysterious Cave Under The Sea

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6532

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"Please get up, Princess Hallie,"

Austin hurriedly told her.

"You're a pretty good liar, Austin.

It turns out you weren't trying your best when you fought me.

If you did, perhaps I would have already lost my life,"

Sanders, the fat and tall man in blue, told Austin.

He fought against Austin with Justin around.

'If Austin had shown his strength the same way he did today back then, I would have been badly injured or killed, ' Sanders thought with fear on his mind.

"Stop flattering me, Sanders," Austin responded with a smile.

He admired Sanders' outspoken personality.

"We should head back," Kim said to the two.

With a wave of his hand, he instructed the sea beasts to retreat.

Upon seeing this, all the sea beasts marched towards the Third Outer Ring waters.


"Wait. Brat, I think I felt something interesting under the mountain.

How about you stay here and see what it is?"

The gnome's voice resounded in his mind

just as Austin was about to follow them in their retreat.

"Is that so?"

Austin said in a surprised voice.

He glanced at the huge mountain located under the sea.

Austin was aware that the gnome was highly sensitive to all kinds of precious natural resources.

After hearing what the gnome said, he speculated that there were some valuable treasures hidden in the mountain.

Austin sank into his thoughts.

'I don't have to follow the sea beasts to the Third Outer Ring waters.

But Olivia promised to give me three bottles of the Magic Sea Water.

The only problem is that the Magic Sea Water is still somewhere in the ancestral mausoleum of the mermaid tribe.

Only when Felix summons enough helpers to help the head of the mermaid tribe take care of the insurgents will I get my hands on the Magic Sea Water.

Now Olivia and Lily don't have any Magic Sea Water. Even if I returned to Third Outer Ring waters, I wouldn't get anything helpful for my cultiva

h, ' he thought.

Hence, Austin summoned the light ball from his elixir field.

He controlled it to attack the array furiously.

"Gnome, Violet, I might need your help. This array is quite amazing."

Austin kept striking his fists on the array as he spoke to his companions.

With that, the gnome and Violet activated their best skills to hit the array as well.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The whole place trembled violently.

An hour passed.


The array started to show signs of breaking.

In a flash, with a loud explosion, the array was broken.

A cave appeared on the ground.

'What is this?'

Austin, the gnome, and Violet stared at the cave in surprise.

'What a surprise! There is a hidden cave right here.

Perhaps the precious staff the gnome was talking about was hidden inside the cave, ' Austin assumed.

"Come on. We should go down there," he proposed.

Austin was fearless now. 'I just killed two sea beasts at the Transformation Realm. This is nothing but a cave. There is nothing to be afraid of.'

Austin gestured his companions to follow him as he made his way to the entrance of the cave.

Meanwhile, he also released his spiritual sense to scan the insides of the cave.

The gnome and Violet carefully followed Austin into the cave.

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