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   Chapter 901 Retreat (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6257

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There was always a reason behind anything. Compared to human cultivators, the cultivating process was way harder, longer, and torturous for beasts of all kind. They had to double or even triple their efforts to reach the same level as humans.

Around the entire battle area, these sea beast had been through a lot to get to the Transformation Realm. That, in no doubt, included several hundred years of cultivating, endless fighting, countless breakthroughs, and numerous severe wounds and injuries.

Only themselves would understand what it would take if they were to die in a battle––their efforts and bloodshed would be wasted.

In the end, it would be all-in-vain.

"All of the beasts from the Second Outer Ring, listen! Retreat! Now!"

Looking at Austin's dangerous face, Kurt yelled in his most powerful and demonic voice.

As angry as he was at that moment, he had to make the decision and withdraw his soldier as the leader of the Second Outer Ring. After all, he didn't see any sign that Austin was going to stop the slaughter any time soon.

It had been a long time since Kurt last saw a human with such incredible power.

He knew that his whole army was hopeless in winning the battle against the young man.

From what he had seen, sea beasts that ranked as beast master couldn't even lay their hands on Austin––let alone those ranked lower in level eight, nine, and ten. Killing the rest of them would be as easy squeezing a fly.

Also, common sea beasts in the Transformation Realm were also very weak if they were to fight Austin.

If Kurt would not do something to stop them, it was highly possible that Austin would continue and destroy the whole army.

It was known to all the cultivators that sea beasts in Transformation Realm were the core power in that sea area.

The number of sea beasts in Transformation Realm marked the real s

If they didn't withdraw from the battle, the loss would be immeasurable for the Third Outer Ring.

"Mr. Austin. I couldn't express how thankful we are for your generous help!

Commander Kim has informed me that it was you who saved my two younger sisters. And today, you saved me as well.

My appreciation is beyond words. We could have been in great danger if you didn't choose to help us. Thank you! And thank you again!"

After Austin finished talking to Commander Kim, Hallie––the eldest princess of the mermaids––approached and bowed to him in token of respect and acknowledgment.

Compared to the other two princesses, the eldest princess of the mermaid tribe looked distinctively stunning. Her beautifully carved face and rosy lips matched perfectly together. Much more her eyes, which was beaming with seduction as if a river flowed in them. Her silky smooth hair flowed till her tiny waist, covering the back of her fine curvy figure. She definitely matched all the fantasies of every living man.

For one moment, Austin lost his thought as he laid his eyes on Hallie. Compared to the battle that awakened his desire to gain more power, Hallie's beauty and her charming voice sent a more enormous wave of current in his heart.

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