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   Chapter 900 Retreat (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6695

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The reason why all of the sea beasts from the Second Outer Ring couldn't lay their hands on Austin was because of the giant 'sun.' It was circling Austin in the speed of light, giving him a powerful shield to protect him from the tempting sea beasts that were trying to get close to him. Any beast that dared to go near him was shred into pieces and disappeared instantly.

"You little punk! Go to hell!" The man with a short neck and wide shoulder yelled at Austin with evident anger in his voice.

After the drop of his voice, he clenched his teeth and narrowed his eyes. Instantly, a vibrant flow of demonic aura started to form and circulate around him. The man gradually revealed his original form.

Austin stopped for a second and waited for his transformation. His initial form was a giant green turtle. With the transformation, his body had grown extremely large into nearly the size of twenty acres.

The shell of his was hard as iron and thick as an ancient rock. The crisscrossed cracks on his shell looked ancient and badly chipped all over.


The short tail of the giant green turtle suddenly stroke towards Austin's direction, meeting his right fist. Even though short and looked flimsy, the tail waved at an incredible speed. Austin narrowed his eyes and punched hard towards the tail.

"Crack!" The strength of Austin's fist burst out.

Following a huge cracking sound, the short tail of the green turtle was blown up instantly.

"Now! I want your head!"

Austin didn't wait for another second and immediately tapped his toe on the seafloor. A rebound force brought him up in the water as he released a tremendous amount of physical strength. As he punched directly towards the head of the green turtle, the water surrounding him evaporated and transformed into a vacuum state, becoming a temporary air shield.

However, the green turtle knew how terrible his physical strength was and didn't attack in full power this time. Following Austin's fist, the turtle

For one second, all the sea beasts forgot that they were still in the middle of a battle.

They had never seen anyone who possessed such a tremendous amount of physical strength; more so, it was the first time for them to see someone who could actually kill a sea beast in just a short period with few moves.

Kurt saw the whole thing; however, even if he had the heart to come into rescue, Commander Kim wouldn't allow him to do so.

"This is refreshing.

Now, who wants to be the next?"

Austin scanned through the crowd. When he saw the three giant beasts he had just fought with, he stopped looking elsewhere.

With eyes beaming in killing desire, he stared at everyone. He had no intention to hide his thirst to anyone anymore.

When the three giant sea beasts realized that Austin was glaring at them, they nearly had a panic attack and tried to avoid any possible eye contact with him. They clearly knew how capable and terrible Austin's power was. Surely, all of them would not dare engage in a severe fight with him.

After watching two powerful sea beasts slain by Austin, the image of themselves defeated and slaughtered filled their heads. With just the death of Carp and the giant green turtle, it was settled that Austin's real power had broken the army's core defense––their confidence and last hope.

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