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   Chapter 899 Kill The Sea Beast Of The Transformation Realm

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Austin blew a punch towards Carp.

The three fishes were smashed into puffs of green demonic aura. They tried to run away as quickly as they could, but they were immediately eradicated by Austin's power.

"How terribly intense his power is!"

Carp was so caught up in his astonishment that he almost did not notice that Austin's immensely powerful fist was growing longer and longer, and the moment he realized that it was quickly moving towards him, his eyes widened in fear.

Carp was so frightened that he was almost sure that he would die right then and there.

In a panic, he turned himself into a silver carp more than 600 meters in length with several layers of fish scales covering every inch of his body.

Each and every one of his scales was made with a material as hard as copper.

His silver fish tail, which carried surging demonic aura and was also covered in scales, tried to resist the power from Austin's fist.


But it did not matter how strong it was. In an instant, the fish tail surging with demonic aura was broken into pieces without any effort at all.


Austin's fist was so powerful that it crushed every obstruction in the way with great truculence and ease.

"It's impossible!"

Carp shrieked in extreme pain.

From afar, his body looked like a hill that had been thrown into the air.

His fish scales, which were each as big as a human's palm, were sent flying and dropping onto the ground like silver snow.

More than that, his wounds, which were gushing with blood, were humongous in size, and ran so deeply that his fish bones could be seen from outside.


With a splash, Carp's enormous body finally fell down onto the mountains under the sea. He was seriously wounded, and he found himself completely unable to move. All he could do was flap his tail as he struggled to survive, destroying tracts of seaweeds and colorful corals as he flopped and flailed.

With only a fist, Austin could hurt a sea beast of the Transformation Realm so badly!

... ...

Everything fell into silence.

Meanwhile, the sea beasts nearby stopped fighting.

All of the beasts who witnessed how easily Austin was able to defeat Carp found themselves widening their eyes in astonishment. None of them could believe what had just happened.

In spite of all the eyes watching his every move, Austin did not stop.

With the Thunderbolt Movement Skill, he quickly moved towards Carp and hit his body with his fist once again.

"Young man, don't kill me, please!"

Carp begged Austin in despair.

However, the only answer he got was more hits from Austin's fists.

Peng! Peng! Pe

o kill Austin in revenge.

"Austin, let us help you!"

Upon seeing the number of creatures attacking Austin, the sea beasts in the Third Outer Ring immediately rushed to help him without any hesitation.

Once again, the battle started.


Using his mind, the golden light ball in Austin's elixir field flew out of his body, and shone brightly in the air.

The golden ball, which was as big as a house, gave off heat as intense as that of a huge sun as it rolled towards the enemies.

Wherever the ball rolled, the sea beasts in its way were crushed into pieces and then burned to ashes.

Only the beasts with power above the beast master realm could resist for a minute.

Austin extended his body with his power, jumped forward, and flew to the man with a short neck and a broad back as fast as he could.

His eyes were filled with intention to kill.

At once, Austin attacked with his fist.

The great power that came from his body, which was more than four million pounds, was so immense that all of the sea water was blown up into the air, and the sea bed was revealed.

Before being hit by Austin's fist, the man with a short neck and a broad back became surrounded by clouds of cyclones.

More than that, the man felt as if his blood was running out of control and even towards the wrong direction.

"How intense the brat's power is!" he said in fear.

In that moment, the man with a short neck and broad back felt extremely frightened.

The other three sea beasts of the Transformation Realm in the Second Outer Ring wanted to help and save him.

However, they were too preoccupied and could not find the chance to do so.

Meanwhile, the beast masters in the Second Outer Ring were too weak to bring themselves close enough to help.

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