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   Chapter 899 It Was Time To Show Up(Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 4723

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When Commander Kim noticed his sneer, his heartbeat raced, a bad feeling hovering above his head.

What happened next tested Commander Kim's idea. This elite team he had just assigned to protect the mermaid princess ran into the enemy.

about a kilometer away from the battleground.

"Such fools you are! Do you think that you can get out here secretly under my nose."

The leader of a group of two thousand beasts that had showed up to barricade the way taunted.

At his side, he was assisted by four other sea beasts at the Transformation Realm. The other two thousand sea beasts behind them were all beast masters.

One could tell from the numbers and grade that Kim's elite team was inferior to Kurt's deployment.

"All of you, except the bitch, are doomed to death. Today, no one can rescue you. Up soldiers, finish them off,"

one of the leader at Transformation Realm bellowed.

More than two thousand beasts of the sea as ferocious as wolves and tigers charged toward the elite standing at the Third Outer Ring.

"We will fight to the death to shield Princess Hallie from any harm."

The four sea beasts at Transformation Realm stood back to back and formed a safe wall to surround Hallie, the mermaid princess. To make sure no one could penetrate the wall, they fought tooth and nail against Kurt's lieutenants.

However, there was a great gap in numbers between the two teams.


Suddenly, like lightning, a figure rushed toward Austin.

"It is you!


That's good! I am looking for you as well! Want another fight?"

It astonished Austin when he found that the beast at Transformation Realm charging at him was no other than Carp, the one who once was sent to chase and kill him.


Carp released vast demonic auras which then swiftly turned into three giant fishes in cyan.

A strong smell of seawater twined around the three giant fishes as they transformed into numerous violent tides.

Each giant fish as long as five to six hundreds meters started to attack at Austin from three directions.

It was called Three Carps' Attack.

Austin had seen it before.

"Huh, these are just parlor tricks,"

he scoffed at the offense.


Austin didn't try to evade.

Instead, he just stood still and suddenly unleashed a heavy blow

of about four million pounds force in one feast.

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