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   Chapter 898 It Was Time To Show Up(Part One)

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After all, Austin was the owner of this City by far.

To rebuild so many houses which were ruined in battle would cost much time and energy.

'How is the battle going on outside?

It should be over so far.

The eldest prince of mermaid tribe must have been rescued by now.

Austin had been cultivating for the better part of the day in the City.

At the moment, he had finally remembered that there had been a battle going on outside.

It was time to stop cultivating and go find out what was going on.

Quick to action, he used his powers to teleport to a place outside this City so that he could check the situation for himself. .

At the bottom of the ocean lay a garden of laxative seaweeds.

A man's shadow flashed among the seaweeds — Austin's silhouette

dancing off the waves.

After putting in extra hours of practice in the City before, he now radiated a spiritual aura, standing beneath the seaweeds that floated above his head. Through his spiritual sense, he perceived what was going on outside.

Suddenly, his expression froze, quickly replaced by a dumbfounded look.

He sensed two formidable armies of beasts of the sea embroiled in a confrontation with each other at the foot of the undersea mountain ranges.

The beasts from the Second Outer Ring finally joined hands and fought side by side.

By far, the army from the Second Outer Ring outnumbered their opponents from Third Outer Ring.

This being their home turf, the Second Outer Ring army had things in their favor after all.

Now, the Second Outer Ring's army was no pushover.

One of a young man caught Austin's attention. Standing in the front, he looked conspicuous in his red gown that flapped angrily in the blustering whirlwind. A river oozing of an evil aura grew turbulent by the minute, the sea itself chu

but to fight back. Let's see whose side it badly it pans out on.

Soldiers, march forward and kill them all!"

Kurt waved his hands to send a signal to his army. In an instant, beasts of the sea in their thousands roared into action. A spate of violence ensued, stirring up the sea bed.

Rumbling thunder could be heard beyond.

From the Second Outer Ring, a vast army of beasts fiercely charged forward, spoiling for a fight.

They were ready to take on anyone in the enemy camp of the Third Outer Ring

"Kill them all."

No one recoiled. Battle cries rent the air.

"You four, take a team of our best soldiers to protect the princess out of here,"

Kim commanded as soon the battle started.

Commander Kim ordered four beasts a the transformation Realm assemble a team to protect the mermaid princess.

She was the eldest and the most beautiful princess of mermaid tribe.

Having assessed the situation outside, Austin couldn't help but admire Kim.

The four quickly assembled a team of about three hundred beasts; all of them were powerful beast masters. In the twinkling of an eye, they left the battleground.

But Kurt, fully aware of what their intention was sneered in contempt.

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