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   Chapter 896 Rapid Improvement Of Physical Strength

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Deep in the heart of the City, several desperate and powerful roars were heard. And from time to time, the roars would spark, which gave the City and ominous atmosphere that was felt all throughout.

In the City, numerous hungry and formidable beast masters ran around and caused havoc to everything they touched. Homes were wrecked, and buildings were destroyed. It was almost the living definition of chaos.

And to restore the peace that had been gone, Austin used the power of City to transport the vicious beast masters. He put them in the same block and encircled them as a form of barrier, so that they would stay in place and not get away.

Moreover, the more that he used his powers, the more that his powers evolved and grew. And with his increasing use of his powers, he was now able to get a hold of and control the transmission power of the City better than he used to.

This meant that not only was he able to transfer people to the City, but also objects and put them into a certain block at any time he desired.


During the practice of cultivation of the Beast Energy-extracting Skill, the blood essence of the beast masters were extracted and purified into Austin's body. He then absorbed the essence into his body all thanks to the aid of the Magical Beast Elixir.

In this method, slowly but surely, he felt his strength grow into such a staggering amount...

2.3 million pounds...going on to

2.4 million pounds... He felt more of the power growing inside of him until he reached


3 million pounds!

Then, his body felt the immense tsunami of physical strength. This caused his whole body, up to the depths of his cell, to feel the changes. His muscles felt fuller, his bones stronger, and his cells ready to nourish his whole system more.

All of the changes that happened in his body made Austin feel quite overwhelmed.

He took a look all over his body. Austin raised his hands and clenched them to feel the changes. His eyes widened at the sight of his whole body change before him — he was no longer an ordinary human being. He dug deep into his senses and even felt that his core was stronger, and that even his internal organs could be presumed to be stronger than steel.

Suddenly, Austin's body radiated cosmic amount of vitality. His heart raced so fast that his body shook and sounded like metals were banging on to each other, clattering and morphing.

Suddenly, he felt a pulling force inside his body that felt like he was being torn apart.


then realized that the abrupt change in his improved physical strength had a bearing on his soul and his Soul Sea.

He saw that there was a change in his Soul Sea — it was more solid than before and had developed a wider scope of range.

And on top of that, he was also surprised to find out that his elixir field and energy meridians had also changed and became stronger than they were.

And at this moment, Austin finally got his head wrapped around the concept of the "domino effect".

He now understood that a martial artist's bo

e majesty.

He was even surprised that he got taller. His trousers could not fit the length that he had now.

Apart from that, he felt that his temperament and mood had now become tame and decisive, just like that of a real master — stern, but calm.

And the best part was, he thought that he was becoming more handsome too. The girls would definitely be swarming around him from now on. His arms were more buffed, his muscles more toned, and his jaws were not chiseled to the bone.


He was so thrilled for the glow up!

Although he was still in his teenage years, the changes in his body made him more mature. But he couldn't care less, still, he appreciated himself now that he felt more handsome inside and out.

An hour had passed

and all the glows and traces of blood in Austin's pores had finally vanished.

He looked like a normal person now.


Austin heaved out a long sigh.

On his last day of harnessing, he could not believe that he had the once in a life time opportunity to absorb the blood essence of 400 beast masters.

And that was why his physical strength had reached 4.3 million pounds.

Shock ran through his system

as he couldn't believe what had happened to him with all the changes that he went through.

Austin then shook his hands slightly and suddenly, a loud roar was heard from inside his body as if there was a monster trapped inside of him.

And then, a powerful invisible force burst out of him.


Small buildings, about two or three, were turned into rubble after Austin's strong physical power had hit them.

Austin then roamed his eyes and saw the entire block. He then bit his nails as he noticed that almost two-thirds of the buildings in the area had collapsed and fallen down.

'What? How could this be? I must have been so swamped practicing my Beast Energy-extracting Skill that I almost destroyed the whole street, '

Austin said inwardly. He looked at what was left here. He held his hand close to his heart and sighed repentantly.

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