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   Chapter 896 There Is No Time To Lose

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The sea beasts of the Elite Team who were carefully selected by Commander Kim all had strong powers. He made sure that their combat effectiveness was much higher than that of sea beasts at the same stage.

In no more than a blink of an eye, all of them had crossed over to the side of the ten thousand sea beasts of the Second Outer Ring.

Upon seeing the Elite Team charging at them with intense momentum, the sea beasts of the Second Outer Ring immediately felt extremely anxious.

"The sea beasts of the Third Outer Ring are coming. Everyone, prepare for the battle now!"

All of a sudden, the five sea beasts in the Transformation Realm rushed out of the submarine mountain looking like five flying shadows.

The moment the five beasts rushed towards the army of the Third Outer Ring, hundreds of followers behind them also followed suit.

"Kill them all!"

In what seemed like a fraction of a second, the two forces of sea beasts with boiling blood and evil spirit began to fight against each other fiercely. Just like that, a ferocious battle began.

In an instant, the heavy smell of blood filled the air as the sea water turned red.

...... ......

Commander Kim ran ahead of the troops with a humongous purple and gold wolf-teeth stick in his hand.

With a wave of his stick towards the direction of his enemy, a huge shadow resembling the wolf-teeth stick several hundred meters long instantly flew towards the sea beasts of the Second Outer Ring. The shadow was evidently made up of strong demonic power.

"Kim, how dare you lead your followers into my territory?"

a sea beast in the Transformation Realm said as he suddenly jumped out with his eight tentacle shadows. He smashed the purple stick shadow to smithereens with minimal effort. After all, his tentacles were much thicker than the bucket.

"Ha-ha, Franklin, I'm here!"

Commander Kim rushed to the opponent. In an instant, the purple stick shadow and the eight tentacle shadows became intertwined.

At the same time, several groups of sea beasts of the Second Outer Ring rushed out of the mountain to attack the sea beasts of the Elite Team of the Third Outer Ring.

Meanwhile, the other sea beasts of the Third Outer Ring were trying to outflank their enemy from the periphery of the mountain. However, they still needed some time before they arrived at the battlefield.

In just a short period of time, the sea beasts of the Second Outer Ring gradually seemed to have the upper hand in the battle for the reason that they had more combatants than their opponents.

...... ......

Austin, along with Commander Kim, headed the Elite Team while holding the Lightning Sword in his hand.

Just like an extremely violent storm, the gleams of lightning sword aura flew towards the sea beasts of the Second Outer Ring at a speed faster than th

ing in a very short time.

...... ......

Meanwhile, Austin had no time to consider the battle situation. He merely went wherever there were more beast masters.

One after the other, Austin transported the beast masters into the City.

"Wow, I will make a fortune for sure this time!"

Austin could barely contain his excitement.




One hundred.

One hundred and ten.


Two hundred.

Two hundred and ten.


Three hundred.


Four hundred.

After a while, Austin was, at last, able to transport as many as four hundred beast masters into the City!

'That would be enough, ' Austin thought.

He knew that he had had enough beast masters to extract and purify the energy. If he took more than that, then the result might not turn out to be as good.

He had been so preoccupied by sending the beast masters into the City that he did not notice what had been happening around him. When he looked around, he found the army of the Third Outer Ring had gained the upper hand and were massacring the sea beasts of the Second Outer Ring.

Meanwhile, Commander Kim ran to one corner of the submarine mountain along with several sea beasts in the Transformation Realm.

That place was exactly where the mermaid princess was trapped!

Austin did not hesitate any more and instantly delivered himself into the City using his mind.

Soon, the City became as big as a grain of sand and fell into the high grass of the submarine mountain.

Austin immediately became busy once he came into the City.

'I only have less than one day left.

Will that short time be enough?'

Austin thought anxiously. He could not help but feel worried.

Without wasting a second more, he ran to the group of beast masters immediately.

And with the help of the Beast Energy-extracting Skill, his physical power grew even stronger.

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