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   Chapter 895 Kill Them All!

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"My lord, please tell us what we should do. We will follow your orders."

Everyone present there stopped talking and began to listen to what Commander Kim had to say.

"We have found out the place where Princess Hallie is.

She is surrounded by the followers of the Cyan Flood Dragon King. They are from the Second Outer Ring and are trying to destroy the protective shield which has been built by the royal princess using her cyan pearl,"

Commander Kim informed Justin.

"Hmm! The Cyan Flood Dragon King knows that I have always got along well with the head of the mermaids. But he still takes part in the internal conflicts of the mermaid tribe and attacks the patriarch.

Now that the Cyan Flood Dragon King doesn't have any consideration to my words and feelings, we too don't need to hesitate any more.

Let's go ahead and kill them together!

We people from the Third Outer Ring need to take strong action this time,"

Justin said with rage rising in his body and filling his cold eyes.

"My Lord! You are right. That's indeed a wise decision."

"That's great! I always hate seeing those ugly features of those guys from the Second Outer Ring.

Now it's time to strike them hard!"

"Those guys from the Second Outer Ring have seized countless treasures from our hands through the years.

Damn it! I've had just enough of this.

My lord, if you hadn't made us calm down all along, we may have rushed to kill them!

We must beat them this time!"

"Precisely! We must teach a lesson to those followers of the Cyan Flood Dragon King this time!"

...... ......

Upon hearing Justin's words, those sea beasts which were at the Transformation Realm suddenly got excited and began to shout in anger.

Their eyes were filled with anger and they seemed impatient to take revenge.

Austin, who stood by silently, couldn't help laughing.

'It looks like there is a long history of animosity between these two sea regions!' he thought.

At the same time, Austin also marked the personality of Justin. He had to keep a note in his mind about the man and his influence.

'So, this man is the region lord of the Third Outer Ring.'

Austin was surprised.

Some time ago, a crowd of sea beasts was hunting him in the sea waters of the Second Outer Ring.

It was hard to imagine that now he had become the guest of the region lord of the Third Outer Ring.

This change of positions amazed Austin.

...... ......

"Hey! Young man, you can stay here with the two princesses if you want."

Justin was now speaking to Austin.

"No! Please, let me join in the action! I'll also come along to rescue the royal princess!"

The Magical Beast Elixir that Austin had swallowed earlier would work for another day!

Obviously, Austin didn't want to waste the remaining effect of that elixir.

'If I still stay here, it will be impossible for me to find sea beasts which are at higher stages. I need to find them to extract and purify their blood essence.

And being a guest, I can't use the sea beasts from the Third Outer Ring to practice the Beast Energy-extracting Skill.

Only if I go with the followers of Justin, I will have a chance of coming across numerous sea beasts which are at higher stages and are out of the Second Outer Ring to practice my skills.'

Considering these


There were approximately about ten thousand sea beasts in the submarine mountain surrounding the royal princess.

They were more in number. Yet, the rescue team which consisted of sixty to seventy thousand sea beasts seemed much stronger than them.

'Well, this is a comforting thing. We can deal with it. There is no need to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut.'

Thinking of this, Austin couldn't stop himself. He found it really strange so he asked what was bothering him.

"Commander Kim, why did you bring so many sea beasts here? It seems completely unnecessary!"

Austin asked blatantly.

"Ha ha! Brother, I know what you mean.

But now we are in the territory of our enemy.

Even if we manage to save the princess, we will have to tackle a strong enemy. We will be attacked fiercely by them.

It's going to be hard for us to leave from here safe and sound.

This place may be the final battlefield for some!"

Commander Kim said with a calm smile.

Hearing those words, Austin suddenly seemed to understand all the things.

"Absolutely true! Once those leaders of the sea beasts of the Second Outer Ring get the news that the army of the sea beasts of the Third Outer Ring has come here, they are sure to call upon all the sea beasts of the region. They'd form an army to confront the army of ours.

A fierce battle will be inevitable at that time," Austin said reflecting on the situation at hand.

"Exactly! But first we need to save the royal princess!"

Commander Kim waved his hand and gave the order.

"Attack them! Kill them!"

On hearing those words from Commander Kim, several hundred sea beasts began to attack the enemy aggressively, giving out loud shouts together.

There were a lot of beast masters among the sea beasts that were surrounding the royal princess.

Seeing those beast masters, Austin could not help sticking his tongue out and licking his lips with excitement.

Then he reminded himself as his eyes filled with greed, "Wow! There are so many beast masters there!"

And suddenly his expression changed. He looked like a wretched lecher who had seen a group of beautiful girls. He knew what he had to do to make the most of the situation.

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