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   Chapter 894 Real Strength Makes A Real King (Part Two)

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Austin really could not be underestimated!

Standing in the distance, Justin's face remained calm. His eyes, however, were showing something different.

"Ha-ha! This is something you don't see every day! Bravo!"

Shaw exclaimed in awe. He didn't expect the battle to end this fast, and when he finally realize that it was over, he couldn't help but burst into laughter. The way Austin defeated the three beast masters shocked him to his core, but also made him more amazed of Austin as a warrior.

"Commander Kim, I hope you didn't misunderstand what I said before the battle. I wasn't asking your three men to be considerate while fighting Austin.

It was actually for Austin -- I was warning reminding him to be careful not to kill your three beast masters. Ha-ha!"

he said as he laughed at Commander Kim. Victory and pride was in the air and he was basking in it.

Even before the whole battle started, he already knew that Austin was way powerful than the three sea beasts that were put up against him. Because of that, he had already bet that Austin would be able to win over them without breaking a sweat.

"Wow," said a tall man dressed in blue. He was deep in the crowd so Austin couldn't see him at first, but he went forward and was not facing Austin.

"It seems like I have mistaken you as the weak kind.

You truly are what Shaw has been describing you as. Your ability has spoken for you.

But now, boy, I feel like going against you in a battle. What do you think? Just a friendly challenge and nothing else."

Without waiting for a reply, the tall but cumbersome man in blue raised his hand and clenched his fist.

In the next moment, a huge wave of demonic power gathered within him. A golden trident also started to gradually materialized within his raised, clenched fist.

A reverberating boom then rang out from the skies above everyone. The crowd gasped in horror. Then, without giving any kind of warning, the man in blue rushed towards Austin in the speed of light.

It became clear to everyone that this was the man's killing strike, and it was backed by his immense demonic power. Within a blink of an eye, Austin could be hit and he would perish.

Austin's eyes narrowed. Just by looking at the man and feeling his power, he conservatively estimated that he was a sea beast at the Transformation Realm. The power he possessed was way beyond the elder of the Holy Sect he fought earlier.

However, there was no time for Austin to think. Instantly, he started to activate his vital energy.

The dazzling golden ball inside of him heard his call and dashed out of his body.

A vibrating buzzing sound suddenly filled the whole area.

The golden ball raised itself in the air, way up above the crowds, and expanded. In less than a second, it had grown into the size of a house! Like another sun in the sky, the golden ball showered everyone with the radiant and brilliant golden light that was pouring out of it.

of mind.

Actually, since Justin started talking, he hesitated for a while on whether he should go to Austin and apologize for the warning-less fight he picked with him. When he finally mustered up the courage, he dropped his pride and slowly approached Austin.

"Nah. Don't worry about it, Sanders. It was a fair game and you were just being straightforward. There is nothing wrong about that. You really don't need to apologize for anything,"

Austin replied, smiling. Deep within, he knew that he had won the acceptance and respect of everyone after he had proven his strength.

What happened today had further confirmed Austin's belief -- no matter how far he went and how many people he was going to meet in his life-long journey, respect and affirmation could only be won by someone who possessed real strength.

Real strength made a real king!

After Sanders approached him, he started to like the sea beasts he fought. For one, they were very straightforward and clear about their motivation. For another, they made sure to pay respects to the one stronger than them.

Those two reasons were more than enough for Austin to be change his opinion of Sanders and everyone presented. He was willing to talk to them.

"Hey, little young man! It was a blast watching you fight with the other beasts!

We were all sorry about wronging you from the very beginning."

The rest of the sea beasts in Transformation Realm started to gather around Austin, enclosing him in a tight, friendly circle, as they apologized. Everyone was talking politely and was genuinely trying to make friends with him.

He was officially being recognized by the sea beasts in the Transformation Realm.

"Okay. Hush now, all of you.

Don't waste any more time here.

Don't forget that we have to attend to something bigger. We have to hurry now and save the eldest princess of the mermaid tribe!"

said Justin, as he waved to the crowd in an attempt silence their chatters.

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