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   Chapter 892 Real Strength Makes A Real King (Part One)

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Austin yelled out all of a sudden.

"Oh -- what's happening here?

Looks like our little man is showing fear.

Come on, are you really planning on letting us down like this? The fight hasn't even started yet!"

the tall man jeered, amused by Austin's sudden call for a pause.

As if on cue, the rest of the sea beasts that were surrounding them laughed mockingly.

The giant prawn looked around at the rowdy crowd, evidently pleased by the uproar. After that, it turned to Austin once again, and just as the rest of them, its stare was conveying utter disgust.

"Wrong, mate," Austin said, his tone light and playful.

"You know I don't bother with a one-on-one battle. I mean... these three monsters can all come at once; I don't care.

It would be a waste of time if I defeat them one by one. I don't think you all need to see your team lose thrice. Once is enough,"

Austin's expression was peaceful, and a well-meaning smile was on his lips. His tone was also calm, as if he had known how everything would go down even before anything happened.

"What is he saying? Is he really being serious?"

one of the people in the crowd loudly asked. Everyone was astonished by the young man's guts that they slowly fell into dead silence.

Well, the reaction was understandable -- they had never seen anyone start a fight in such a high note. It didn't help that they all doubted his ability and thought that he was only bragging to hide his inability.

The only people who knew that Austin was not bluffing was Shaw and the two girls from the mermaid tribe. They knew that he actually had the power -- and more, even -- to fight the three beast masters at the same time and win.

If anyone of them knew that Austin had won a fight against an elder of the Holy Sect who was an expert of the Astral Realm, nobody present would even dare lay a finger on him.

Not even these three beast masters.

"Hey, you. Don't try to be suicidal,"

mocked the tall man standing right beside Austin, breaking the silence. He was furrowing his eyebrows and was trying to look exaggeratedly distressed. Of course, like everyone in the crowd behind him, he, too, thought that Austin was only bluffing about what he could do.


Do you think that I don

verstaffed body of the giant walrus was thrown out of the battlefield with so much force. Just like the giant prawn, its body landed somewhere far.

Then, once again, Austin dashed. Boom!



Three ear-splitting bangs soon rang just outside the battle area.

The next thing the crowd knew was all three of the giant beasts in the seabed, side by side, just yards away from where they were. Beneath the three sea beasts were giant holes that seemed to have been made when their bodies crashed on the floor.

For a long while, the three beast masters remained in their holes, as none of them could get up on their own feet.

Considering that the battle took place on a territory that was not his, Austin made sure that he didn't use his full strength. The strengths of the strikes he gave and the directions of his attacks was actually well planned, controlled, and implemented.

Although it seemed like that the three beast masters were seriously struck, all they were inflicted with were minor injuries.

Once again, silence befell the area.

Everyone in the crowd felt chills going down their spine.

Within a single breath, this young man was able to defeat three beast masters! How amazing was that? How deeply hidden was his true strength?

While the sea beasts that were in the Transformation Realm knew they could defeat the three beast masters with ease, never in their lives did they imagine that three beast masters would be owned by a human with this kind of speed and strength!

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