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   Chapter 892 Show Me What You Got

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The ferocious man took Austin and the others to the people who were standing at the center of the square.

"Master Justin, these are the people you were looking for,"

the ferocious man said respectfully to one of the middle-aged men.

Austin looked up at the middle-aged man who was about 40, wearing a funny hat, and looked very strong.

The man's gaze was sharper than an eagle's and it gave off such a powerful force that made people afraid to have eye contact with him. 'He must be the king of this palace!' Austin thought.

"All right,"

Justin said, as he nodded and looked at the two princesses of the mermaid tribe.

"My princesses, you must be tired by now, aren't you?"

"Uncle Justin, it's you!"

"Uncle Justin, we haven't seen each other for more than ten years. Why haven't you visited us for such a long time?"

Surprised and delighted to see Justin, the two princesses both walked towards the man with a huge smile on their faces and their arms wide.

Upon seeing this, Austin thought, 'So they knew this man. He must be their elder.'

Justin hugged the two princesses and comforted them tenderly, completely ignoring Austin and the four maidservants.

The four maidservants, knowing their humble status, retired to the corner without saying anything.

But being ignored put Austin in a very bad mood.

'Since I'm here, I am their guest. These sea beasts are really rude! How can they treat their guests like this?' he thought, fuming silently.

... ...

"Shaw, is this the human boy Felix was talking about?"

a tall, fat man in blue with a rather rugged face asked as he stared at Austin. Soon, he started his way towards him.

Obviously, the man in blue not only treated Austin impolitely, but was even trying to provoke him.

The others already had their eyes turned to Austin.

They were filled with indifference, contempt, ridicule, and arrogance.

Justin, too, looked at Austin with a hint of superiority in his eyes.

'Damn it!

What are these sea beasts up to?' Austin thought, confused by the hostility he was receiving. Despite being offended, he decided that it would be better to say nothing. And with that, he just stared back at them with the same cold eyes.

"Sanders, don't be so rude! Felix asked me to bring him back. Don't forget that!"

Shaw said, rep

t fight with you

because no one here wants to be accused of bullying a weak boy like you,"

he said, his tone unabashedly offensive. Before Austin could even answer, he waved his hand and three beast masters outside the square came rushing towards them.

One of these three beast masters was a premium beast master, while the other two were medium beast masters.

The premium beast master was a giant walrus. With a pair of long, pointed white teeth, each four or five meters long, it looked incredibly dangerous.

It had a bloated, fat body and finned limbs. It was on the ground but it started crawling towards Austin at an astonishingly fast speed.

One of the medium beast masters was a giant shark whose mouth was covered with hacksaw-like fangs.

The other medium beast master was a 20-meter-long giant prawn with two indestructible-looking silvery claws.

"Uncle Justin, don't do this, please! It was because of him that we are here!"

the two princesses pleaded. They could not help but worry about Austin's welfare.

"Relax. I know what I'm doing.

He'll be fine,"

Justin replied.


The tall man said to the giant prawn, "You go first."

After receiving the tall man's order, the giant prawn immediately attacked Austin.

Austin stood where he was, motionless. He looked very calm.

"Don't overdo it!"

Shaw cried out. It was the only thing he could do, as he knew that he could not stop them.

"Don't worry, Shaw. It's a friendly fight. We're not going to hurt that human boy,"

replied the tall man.

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