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   Chapter 891 The Palace Of The Dragon King.

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Next, the ferocious man took Austin and six women from the mermaid tribe on their way to the Third Outer Ring area.

Soon they were there.

Shortly after that, another group of young men showed up at the gate of the Sand City. They were rushing out of the gate, trying to catch up with Austin in the direction of his departure.

They were the Holy Sons and Holy Daughters from the various sects of Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

The lanky young man at the front of the team was one of the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch.

He had a jade slip of spiritual souls in his hand, which attracted everyone's attention.

At the moment, the jade slip was flashing with a bright white light, one of its ends pointing to the front.

"According to the jade slip, Austin must be nearby!

Let's go, everybody!"

The lanky young man with the jade slip was so excited. He used bodily movement skill to thrust forward.

The rest of the people hurried up, charging ahead in a frenzy.

A moment later, the lanky young man shouted, "There's someone ahead!"

Right then, more than a dozen people came to them, led by a middle-aged man in yellow who looked somewhat depressed.

This middle-aged man was an elder from the Holy Sect.

"Excuse me..."

a heavyset man with thick waistline asked tentatively with a smile. He was a member of the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch in the Sky Sect.

They came in from the opposite direction, so they were very likely to meet Austin.

According to the jade slip, Austin was right ahead.

If anyone saw him, they would be all the more sure of his whereabouts.

"Piss off!"

the man shouted. He was in a foul mood, so when he saw the fat man charging towards him, he clenched his fist and slammed the fat man with a powerful vital energy force.

The fat man from the Sky Sect was astonished by the attack.

Very politely, he had intended a friendly conversation at least to inquire about Austin's whereabouts. But he did not expect the man to act so rudely and hurt him.

With no time to dodge, the heavyset man had no option but to release his vital ene

complex, shining brightly to illuminate this place.

Austin was surprised by the meticulous workmanship and artistry that went into everything around the place.

'Is this the palace of the dragon king?

Justin must be a big shot, or he wouldn't live in such a luxurious palace. This is quite impressive of him.'

In a few minutes, they landed on the seamounts.

The landing area was a huge square paved with white jade.

Scanning the area, Austin found a lively neighborhood outside of the square. There were not only palaces, roads, and pavilions, but also a large number of underwater flower gardens, and even towering ancient trees from the land.

Some corals were more than a dozen feet tall, making the place even more mysterious and beautiful.

Moreover, there were many grotesque sea beasts, and all of them were powerful, above the beast master level.

The ferocious man lifted his head and said happily, "Master Justin is waiting for you over there!"

Looking up, Austin noticed

a dozen men and women standing in the center of the square.

Those people were all the sea beasts in the Transformation Realm, their strength equal to that of Astral-Realm masters.

Austin, though strong and brave, could not help but watch out in the face of so many beasts.

After all, he was completely surrounded at the moment.

If he accidentally provoked them, he couldn't fight against them at all.

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