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   Chapter 889 I Quit (Part Two)

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On hearing the proposal, Austin sneered.

"Hmm! Young blaster! If I do not teach you a lesson, you will never know there are always stronger people around!"

The elder was finally irritated by Austin's words.

A big purple and golden hand with vital energy of around four or five acres soon took shape before him. The hand then rolled over to Austin, just like an imposing saint palm coming down from the sky.

The elder really looked down upon Austin. So, he did not use any vital energy martial skill. Instead, he just wanted to use his strong vital energy force to defeat Austin.

"Just that hand? Even that is too far away from teaching me a lesson!" Austin was not afraid of the attack and at all.

Once the elder used his vital energy, Austin learned that the strength of the man was only at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm, without any special martial arts or competency.

He was even weaker than Carp from the sea area of the Second Outer Ring.

So, when the purple and golden hand reached before his body, Austin directly punched it at the center of the vital energy hand.


With a big sound, the purple and golden hand soon retreated at high speed. And at the center of the palm, dense cracks started appearing immediately.

"You devil!"

The man was so surprised to see what had just happened.

He was surprised that Austin's physical strength was much stronger than what he had expected.

"Now, it is my turn! Are you ready to taste my attack?"

Austin took up his chance to attack back.

He activated his own spiritual sense and the golden light ball in his elixir field soon came out of his body. It began transforming to a big sun which was nearly the size of a big house. Its dazzling light had enormous power flowing around its surface. And the heat it generated soon spread around.


In a trice, the golden ball crashed against the purple-golden vital energy hand. It exploded under big pressure and broke into pieces.

'What is that? What is name of that martial art skill?'

Looking at the giant sun that was sending out blazing light, the elder felt a little scared.

He had never heard or seen such a martial art.

"What! I can't believe my eyes!"

The disciples of the Holy Sect who were around got surprised to see the scene unfold before them. They stood with their eyes wide open.

They were surprised that the young man had confronted their elder and did not show any sign of losing against him.

"Hmmm! This young man really has a lot of strength. No wonder he was that arrogant."

The ferocious man stared at Austin, showing his appreciation by the look on his face.


"Wooh! Don't stop. One more strike?"

Unlike the elder whose face had a surprised look, Austin's face showed his excitement.

He had been able to withstand two strikes from a master of the Astral Realm and did not lose till now. It made him feel very satisfied with his current strength and ability.

In his heart, he was more eager now to get into a more serious fight with the elder.

He summoned his Demon-creating Skill with his mind. Immediately, a spiritual demon with twenty spears, appeared in the elder's

that you will kill me.

And now, you think that you can quit the fight, just like that?"

Austin replied with a haughty smile on his face.

After the fight that had just concluded, he was not afraid of this master of the Astral Realm anymore.

The elder could not believe his ears. 'What does this young man mean?'

He thought over Austin's words for a while. There was an angry look on his face.

Somehow, he felt he knew what Austin meant. So, he took out a Space Ring and threw it to Austin.

"What about if I give you this? Are you ready to let me quit now?"

Austin examined it with his spiritual sense. He was glad to find that there was a lot of valuable wealth in it. Appeased by it, he nodded in agreement, "Yes, it's all right now. I accept and will let you quit now."

"Let's go!"

Without responding to Austin's words, the elder wanted to leave. He did not want to stay there for even a few seconds!

He waved his hands to call back those disciples. He turned and started to retreat to where he came from.

Not only the elder but Cayon of the Holy Sect also had not expected such a quick and shameful ending.

'How can this young man be so strong that even our elder was no match for him?' No one could give him the answer to the question that was lurking in his mind. One thing was clear. They had been wrong in underestimating Austin's power and strength.

"Ha! Ha! Young man, I can finally understand now, how you were able to tackle those fools of the Second Outer Ring!"

The ferocious man, who had been viewing the whole thing, was also surprised to see the fight end so dramatically and quickly.

He stared at Austin with dread and astonishment.

The sea beast at the Transformation Realm was equal to a human master of the Astral Realm.

It took him not much time to realize that Austin's strength and ability was not lower than his.

At that moment, the ferocious man was amazed to see that Austin was at the same level of strength as he was. And it was foolishness on part of everyone who challenged him, as they always made the mistake of underestimating Austin and his powers.

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