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   Chapter 888 I Quit (Part One)

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After leaving the gate of the Sand City, the ferocious man who was a sea beast at the Transformation Realm, led Austin and other people as they flew off from the ground. They flew in the direction of the sea area which was the Third Outer Ring.

They were not moving quite fast. The six women of the mermaid tribe owned comparatively lower cultivation base. In order to keep pace with them, the whole team flew slowly.

After they traveled for about two or three thousand meters, they were caught up and stopped by some cultivators.

"Boy! Stop! Don't fly ahead!"

The people coming from that direction shouted. There were more than a dozen cultivators flying from the other direction. These people passed all the others but kept barring Austin's way.

'Hmmm. There comes the trouble!'

Austin frowned, thinking about the intentions of these people.

Among these people who were standing on the way, Austin suddenly noticed a familiar face.

It was Cayon, who had claimed to be a disciple of the Holy Sect. Austin had come across him in the sea area of the Third Outer Ring earlier.

"Hmm! You bastard! I'm sure you did not think of meeting me again! I finally found you, and it is time for revenge!"

Cayon stared at Austin, with a corner of his mouth lifting up in a smirk.

With the support from the strong elder from his sect, he thought he could definitely teach Austin a good lesson this time. He could hardly restrain his eagerness to beat Austin who was standing before him.

"So, young man. Is it you who killed the disciple of our Holy Sect?"

The elder from the Holy Sect asked directly, with undisguised arrogance in his tone.

He recognized from the fluctuations of vital energy force around Austin that the young man was only at the preliminary stage of Master Realm. As far as the elder was concerned, the strength of this young man was really low and was no match for him.

"Yes! You are right. It is me.

What's the matter?"

Austin answered, with a soft smile and calm expression on his face.

'What did he just say?'

The people around were stunned on hearing what Austin had said.

'What kind of an attitude was that?' Such thoughts arose in the minds and hearts of most of

him this time. He was impressed at the courage and confident of the young man.

"That's correct! I won't intervene in this young man's personal matter.

If there is a conflict or issue between the two of you, go ahead and settle it by yourselves. I will move aside."

After saying that, the ferocious man stepped aside, keeping a distance from them.

At the same time, he stretched out his hands to send out a ray of demon force. He had to pull the six women of the mermaid tribe aside too.


"Ha ha! You are quite sensible. Thank you!"

The elder was so happy to hear the ferocious man's commitment of not intervening in their conflict.

He bowed slightly to the ferocious man with his hands crossed before his chest, showing respect and gratitude to him.

Then, he turned back to Austin and said, "Young man! I wonder why you are so arrogant at your age.

How dare you kill the disciple of our Holy Sect?

Anyways, as it was the first time that you have offended our sect, and also for the sake of your friend, I will not kill you.

But you still need some punishment. So, how about you cut one arm of yours, clear your cultivation base and kneel down before Cayon to apologize? After you complete these, we will pardon your life and you can leave alive,"

the elder shouted angrily.


You are asking me to cut my arm and clear my cultivation base!

Are you kidding? I think you are still sleeping, or rather day-dreaming this nonsense."

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