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   Chapter 887 They Found Him (Part Two)

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He gained 50, 000 pounds of physical strength after extracting and purifying the White Flood Dragon.

It showed that the White Flood Dragon was really noble in blood, and was far more powerful than other diabolic beasts.

After practicing the Beast Energy-extracting Skill this time, Austin was able to increase his physical strength by more than 200, 000 pounds.

As he analyzed everything, Austin was satisfied with the result.

It was evident that his trip to the Middle World Waters was fruitful.

His increased physical strength had greatly exceeded his anticipation.

When he had first landed in the Middle World Waters, his goal was to increase his physical strength to 1 million pounds.

He didn't expect that his physical strength would reach 2 million pounds. It was a pleasant surprise!.

"Justin has sent his man to contact us. He has arrived here."

Austin had just finished extracting and purifying the sea beasts and analyzing the results when he received the message Olivia sent him with her spiritual sense.

Austin went out of the City immediately. He went back to the small wooden house.

He saw a strong man with wrinkled skin all over his body. He appeared like an old tree, standing in the small wooden house.

Austin was able to guess that he was a sea beast at the Transformation Realm.

Austin saw through the man's cultivation base at a glance.

The man was a little surprised when he saw Austin enter the room.

He looked at Austin from head to toe with a fierce look before he spoke.

"Are you the human boy who left the Cyan Flood Dragon King's men unable to fight back in the Third Outer Ring a few days ago?"

The man suddenly looked extremely ferocious. When h

w. If they recognized him, he was afraid that they would cause a lot of trouble.

And it was too late for him to change his appearance with the Appearance-transforming Clothes.

As he had expected, when he was going out of the gate of the Sand City, someone made some movement.

A man in the street, who was dressed like a disciple of a large sect, took out a portrait from his pocket secretly and compared Austin's appearance with the man in the portrait.

Having come to a conclusion, he turned around and left in a hurry. .

In a courtyard somewhere in the Sand City, where people of the Holy Sect lived, somebody entered.

The disciple ran in a hurry.

The moment he saw the person whom he was looking for, he began to speak.

"Elder, I've found the man you have asked us to look for!

At this moment, he is going out of the gate of the Sand City!"

The said elder of the Holy Sect was negotiating with two or three other elders about how to look for the ancient master's house.

Hearing the news given by the disciple, he stood up suddenly.

Those were the words he had been waiting to hear. "That's good news! Let's go!"

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