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   Chapter 886 They Found Him (Part One)

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"Isis, don't worry now. I'll kill Austin if I see him again."

Winnie had been distraught by the fact that she was defeated by Austin last time. Surely, she was forced to use the Phoenix Secret Skill in the battle last time, but she was still unable to win against Austin. What's more, her failure also made Isis suffer a great loss.

Now, she had made great progress in her Phoenix Secret Skill.

She had also received a high-grade weapon from an elder of her sect to attack the spiritual sense of cultivators specifically.

Winnie made up her mind that if she met Austin again, she would kill him herself.

"Austin has committed so many towering crimes that he deserves to be punished.

Now he appears in the Sand City. It's likely that he is also looking for the ancient master's house.

So, we need to pay attention while collecting information in our daily life. If anyone finds out where he is, he will let everyone know it right away.

We mustn't let him get off so easily this time. We'll kill him!"

said the purple-haired young man. He sat next to the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch. His eyes were as bright as lightening and no one dared to look at him directly.

"Well, Austin is quite cunning. He has very high-grade magic weapons with him, including one which can help him hide from his enemies.

We had rounded him up several times earlier, but he managed to escape easily.

It is a bitter fact that it's not easy to kill him."

The Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect snorted.

Hearing the words of the Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect, all the young men in the room were silent.

They thought that what he said had a good point.

so in the City. He was at the premium stage.

In all, there were more than thirty beast masters in the City.

Austin had become very proficient in practicing the Beast Energy-extracting Skill, so his cultivation speed was very fast.

Two hours later, he had finished extracting and purifying all the beast masters that were present in the City.

Fergus was seriously injured. When Austin found him, he was healing himself in a street.

When he realized that Austin was going to kill him and absorb his blood essence, at first he told Austin his father's name. He boasted how strong his father was. That did not work. Then, he threatened that if Austin killed him, his father would kill Austin to avenge him.

When Fergus found that his threats were useless, he cried and begged Austin not to kill him. He promised that as long as Austin didn't kill him, he would give Austin all the wealth he had, and he would do anything he asked him to do.

Austin paid no attention to his promise.

He went on with the process, and extracted and purified the blood essence of the White Flood Dragon without any hesitation.

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