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   Chapter 885 Austin Is In The Sand City

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Right after Felix left, Austin and the six women from the mermaid tribe stayed inside the small wooden building, patiently waiting for Justin to contact them. It was just what Felix ordered them to do.

At one point, it occurred to Austin that he had transferred some beast masters into the City, and that included Fergus.

He didn't want to waste those sea beasts.

The Magical Beast Elixir would still be potent for another two days, and so he silently decided that he would take the opportunity to use them as soon as possible.

With that, Austin left a spiritual soul message inside Olivia's Soul Sea

and he entered the City.

If there was any news worth of Austin's attention, Olivia would simply send a spiritual sense message to Austin to alert him.


After he got inside the City, he located the beast masters he had previously transferred, as well as the white flood dragon.

Next, he started to practice his Beast Energy-extracting Skill.

One by one, he quickly and ruthlessly killed the sea beasts.

As he did so, he became stronger and stronger.


Inside the Sand City, there existed a spacious and well-decorated courtyard. It was quiet and peaceful.

A 17-year-old teenager was kneeling before a middle-aged man who was wearing a set of bright yellow clothes.

"Sir, our Holy Sect dispatched more than 20 disciples to train overseas. But now, all of them are dead.

Please, bring justice to what happened to them."

As the boy spoke, deep pain could be seen in his face and heard in his voice. His severely bruised body was even shaking.

If Austin was there, he would recognize the teenager instantly -- he once blocked his path as he proudly introduced himself as Cayon from the Holy Sect.

However, after narrowly escaping certain death, he got scared and hurriedly returned back to the Sand City. Now, he was on his knees, tearfully begging the elders to avenge his and his friends' fate.

When the middle-aged man wearing the yellow clothes heard that every one of the twenty disciples had been killed, he looked sullen and sad.

He considered himself as one of those elders responsible for what had happened.

The Holy Sect had sent some of its elite disciples to the Middle World Waters for a task. However, unexpectedly, before they could even be put out to sea, so many disciples had been murdered. It was such a great loss to the Holy Sect.

"Right now, we can't find the four sea beasts in the Transformation Realm. But I promise you that one day they'll pay their debts.

But that man... you just said was so bold as

alled and gathered all of the young elite warriors from the different sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom in here, we would not talk about the mansion of the ancient master.

Instead, I will introduce a guy to all of you. He suddenly appeared in Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom a few days ago, and I'm sure you'll want to know him,"

the man with the purple hair explained this calmly and rhythmically.

After hearing this, all the other warriors became intrigued, but at the same time, felt extremely confused.

"Is it Austin we're talking about right now?"

a Holy Son asked instantly.

"You guessed it right," the man said, smiling slightly.

"Gentlemen, one of elders from the Sky Sect was able to capture a bit of Austin's spiritual soul. He had made some jade slips out of it so that we all could take it.

Today, my jade slip was triggered and an alarm went off in the Sand City.

The jade slip was invented and made by one of our most renowned elders, so I am sure that it wouldn't make any mistake.

I'm pretty sure that

Austin is in the city."

A tall and thin youngster from the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch then stood up, took his jade slip out and showed it to the other warriors who were present.

A white, pulsing light was coming from within it.

It must have sensed that Austin was not far away.

"Yes, as you just said, Austin must just be around here,"

Isis said, as she stood up. She looked excited and annoyed at the same time. Her hatred towards Austin was uncontrollable and unimaginable.

"Winnie, you have made some breakthrough in the Phoenix Secret Skill. This time, you must promise to avenge me,"

she earnestly pleaded, grabbing Winnie's sleeve.

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