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   Chapter 885 Firm Belief

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Olivia introduced Austin to the middle-aged man beside her.

"Uncle Felix, this is the young man who helped us and brought us to the Sand City.

If we had not met him, we would not have been able to see you again."

Olivia and Lily burst into tears in front of the middle-aged man.

They looked and sounded very innocent, like poor little girls who had been wronged.

The middle-aged man comforted the two princesses lovingly.

He looked at Austin with mixed feelings. His eyes were filled with joy and anger. Austin found his demeanor quite strange.

A moment later, shaking his head lightly the middle-aged man spoke to Austin.

"You're a nice guy.

But I find it that you are very fond of killing.

You must have killed a lot of sea beasts these last few days, right?"

The middle-aged man sounded calm.

On hearing those words, Austin felt very nervous.

'Well, I did kill a lot of sea beasts over these days, including a lot of beast masters.

Since this man is also a sea beast, will he want to take revenge from me?'

As these thought kept running in his mind, Austin could not stop himself from being vigilant.

The man noticed Austin's discomfort and said, "Hey, boy, you don't have to be nervous.

I didn't mean to blame you.

The confrontations between humans and sea beasts, among sea beasts or even among human beings is quite common.

I'm not interested in that. It is part and parcel of this world of ours.

What I meant was that you seem to be very murderous,"

the middle-aged man said with a smile as if he knew what Austin was thinking in his mind.

Austin breathed a sigh of relief.

It didn't take him long to realize that the man was very powerful.

Austin thought that if they fought with each other, there was no chance that he could beat him.

"Thank you for reminding me about myself!"

Austin did not negate what the man said.

In fact, Austin already knew that sometimes he was really fond of killing.

In the face of the enemy, he wouldn't be happy until he had killed everyone.

Moreover, he did slaughter countless diabolic beasts when he was practicing the Beast Energy-extracting Skill.

It had made him more violent and murderous.

"Well, forget it, boy! You don't have to worry.

What I am trying to tell you is that different people have different characters.

The goals of their lives will also be different.

In the history of the Prime Martial Wo

ts were all staring at Austin and the middle-aged man. They kept wondering what they were doing.

At last, they could not help themselves and kept murmuring in restlessness.

Olivia and Lily both walked over to the man, and pulled his sleeve like spoiled kids.

"Don't worry. I'll summon my men to help your father right now.

The shield of your ancestral mausoleum is very powerful.

So your father and your people trapped there must be safe!"

The middle-aged man comforted the two princesses and they seemed to have calmed down a bit.

Olivia and Lily were relieved to hear those words from the man.

"Uncle Felix, when we got to the Second Outer Ring of the sea, our sister got separated from us. She volunteered to distract the enemies so as to protect us.

It is likely that she has been caught by the Cyan Flood Dragon King's men.

You must save her!"

Olivia said.

"I can't believe that the Cyan Flood Dragon King would conspire against you with one of your own tribe this time. It is really surprising that he has meddled in the internal affairs of the mermaid tribe.

Second Outer Ring and Third Outer Ring had been fighting for such a long time and had got into many conflicts. It was time to resolve these contradictions.

You know what?

I'll ask Justin to save your sister.

You can contact him directly.

I will also call up my men right now to help your father too.

How about this? You guys wait here. I'll have Justin contact you."

Felix left after finishing his words.

Apparently, he was calling upon his men to help the mermaid tribe trapped in the ancestral mausoleum.

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