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   Chapter 883 All The People Come Together

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When they were about a kilometer away from the Sand City, Austin and Olivia landed on the ground.

They decided to avoid flying to the Sand City directly in case that would cause some unnecessary misunderstandings.

They landed on the outskirts of the Sand City.

After they landed on the ground, they used their bodily movement skills to go to the gate of the Sand City.

After paying a thousand superior vital energy crystals respectively, they entered the Sand City without any hassle.

The street was full of people everywhere and looked very busy. There were many shops on both sides of the street, selling various kinds of interesting products. The owners bargained loudly with customers from time to time.

Among them, most of the goods sold in the stores were products related to the sea beasts.

They bought and sold beast cores and bodies of the sea beasts, as well as some precious elixirs, rare ores and other products from the sea.

Austin strolled down the street with the beautiful Olivia, relishing the familiar life of human beings in the crowd.

Moving from the boundless and sparsely populated sea to the bustling human city, he felt a strong sense of striking contradiction in both the scenarios, like a strong sense of space-time transformation.

The size of the Sand City was not huge, but the flow of the people was very large and the street was very crowded. The flourishing market was rare for such a small city.

It might be because the Sand City was the junction of the mainland and the Middle World Waters. Most of human cultivators who intended to enter the Middle World Waters would choose to settle in the Sand City first.

Austin walked down the street slowly, watching so many human cultivators from different forces, sects, and countries to go up and down the street. . .

He even overheard some conversations that shocked him very much.

"Is the news reliable? That the ancient master's lost palace under the sea will come out somewhere in the Middle World Waters?"

"Of course it's reliable. Haven't you seen it yet?

More and more human cultivators from different sects and countries have come to the Sand City now.

I notice that almost all the forces in the South Continent of the Prime Martial World seem to be on their way to the Middle World Waters.". .

Several cultivators who passed by Austin were talking in a low mumbling voice as they walked by.

But Austin's spiritual sense was very powerful, so he could hear their words clearly.

These cultivators were at the Master Realm.

They came across as extremely strong cultivators and had a lot of experience in killing people. .

"Elder Wu, are we going to stay in the Sa

n released Lily and the four maidservants out of the City.

When Lily and the four maidservants found that they had reached the Sand City, they were very overjoyed in anticipation.

"Young hero, please wait for us here for a moment. We will go inside to see Uncle Felix first."

Telling Austin to wait for them outside, Olivia went into the wooden building with the other women of the mermaid tribe.

Austin stood in front of the wooden building and waited for them to come out.

In the meantime he observed the simple wooden building. Different sorts of emotions surged within him.

It was hard to imagine that a sea beast should live in such a city full of human cultivators.

Ten minutes later, a maidservant came out to usher Austin inside.

As soon as he entered the house, he saw an ordinary looking man was staring at him with calm eyes. The man in gray was middle aged.

He apparently looked so ordinary that

if he squeezed into the crowd, no one would notice him.

But under the gaze of this ordinary middle-aged man, Austin felt a strong sense of discomfort.

Austin had a feeling that he was like the melting snow in the sun, and everything in his body seemed to have been seen clearly by the middle-aged man. It was as if the man saw through him without any difficulty.

Austin could feel that he had no secrets under his eyes.

This man was too strong yet terrible.

Austin tried to use a variety of ways to study the man, but he was unable to find any sign of a sea beast in the middle aged man.

If Olivia hadn't informed him well in advance that Uncle Felix was actually a sea beast, Austin would definitely have mistaken the middle-aged man in front of him for an ordinary human being without any remarkable quality.

"Young hero, meet my Uncle Felix."

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