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   Chapter 882 Sand City

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This young man was famous among the younger generation of the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom.

This time, he came to the Middle World Waters for training with fellow disciples from the Holy Sect.

Seeing the beauty of Olivia, he was so excited that he was going to get to know her.

And the vital energy force around Austin's body was at the preliminary stage of Master Realm.

That was not something worth mentioning.

While talking to Austin, he kept stealing furtive glances at Olivia every now and then.

"Stop blabbering! You shithead!"

Austin saw through the young man's intentions and had no time for his blabbering.

At once, he summoned an enormous golden ball of light in the elixir field out of his body. Incandescent with extreme heat, the ball sucked all the air around them as it rolled towards the young man with a deafening rumble.

"How dare you!"

For a long time, Cayon had been a conceited brat. Everyone in the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom was afraid of him and did not dare to challenge him in any way.

But Austin attacked him, without wasting time arguing. It infuriated Cayon.

But no matter how angry he got, the golden giant sun was too strong for him.

Not the kind of attack he could dare take on.

In panic, he tried to dodge by quickly jumping to the side.

Four or five of his fellow disciples who miscalculated and reacted a little too late were crushed to death on the spot.

Scream of horror rent the air as

Cayon's fellow disciples were decimated — burned beyond recognition, reduced to ashes, their manner of death horrifying.

"How dare you kill the disciples of the Holy Sect?"

Cayon, angry, but scared out of his wits, tried to threaten.

But Austin was not the kind of person to mess with. In his self-conceit, Cayon never expected he'd be up against a formidable enemy this time.

This young man at the preliminary stage of Master Realm was a different kind of opponent altogether.

Having shown a glimpse of what he was capable of, Austin placed back the giant sun and took off using his Thunderbolt Movement Skill.

"Get him! We have to make him pay the price for his arrogance!

Summon more disciples! We have to get even with this guy!"

Cayon shouted angrily, clenching his teeth.

He wanted to flirt with the beautiful girl at the beginning. He didn't expect to be humiliated like this and ended up getting several of his fellow disciples killed.

There was no way he could just let this go.

He unleashed the bodily movement skill to chase after Austin.


"Oh my God! It's a sea beast in the Transformation Realm!"

Suddenly, they heard a cry of horror in the distance.

A bone-chilling cry that sent fear down the spine of even the strongest of Cayon's team.

The person who let out the scream must have been killed on the spot.

A sea beast in the Transformation Realm!

Cayon and his fellow disciples trembled at the thought of such a powerful beast.

The strength of the sea beast in the Transformation Realm was equivalent to that of human beings in the Astral Realm.

They could not fight against such a pow

e guys from the Second Outer Ring to track down that boy?"

One of the sea beasts in the Transformation Realm from the Third Outer Ring asked Commander Kim.

"Well, that human boy was able to capture Fergus, the son of the Cyan Flood Dragon King. He must have some impressive skills.

There must be something important about this that we don't know.

It is very likely that he is an enemy of the Cyan Flood Dragon King.

It would be wise for us not to get involved in these things.

Those guys from the Second Outer Ring have always looked down upon us from the Third Outer Ring.

Ha-ha, I can't believe that even the son of the Cyan Flood Dragon King has been captured.

We'll just wait and see.

Pass on the order and just tell our people to pretend to help. Don't take it too seriously!"

A beast master immediately passed on the order to the underlings.


By now, Austin was on his way to escape the pursuit of the sea beasts from the Third Outer Ring.

With his spiritual sense he discovered that Kurt and his fellow sea beasts had been stopped by another five, more powerful sea beasts.

He couldn't help but rejoice.

Those five sea beasts in the Transformation Realm must be from the Third Outer Ring.

From the nature of their encounter, Austin learned that sea beasts from the Second Outer Ring and the Third Outer Ring did not get along with each other.

As he noted, there was unmistakable hostility between the sea beasts from the two areas.

Austin could not help but breathe a sigh of relief when he realized that he had gotten rid of the four sea beasts, at least for the time being.


About an hour later, a coastline finally appeared ahead.

"We have arrived at the coast!"

Olivia, the mermaid princess, screamed excitedly.

"Along this coastline is the Sand City.

Uncle Felix lives in the Sand City!"

Olivia said.


This is the Sand City?"

Austin used his spiritual sense to scan the area ahead of him.

About seven or eight miles away from the coastline, there was a magnificent, bustling city.

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