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   Chapter 881 Living In A Human City

Rebirth of Martial God By Changdu Characters: 10086

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Just after Austin left, Kurt appeared exactly on top of where Austin and the White Flood Dragon were fighting just moments ago.

He immediately put his beast soul energy to use and sensed what had happened and where Austin and his foe was.

Soon enough, he found himself frowning out of frustration.

There was no sign of the White Flood Dragon. It was obvious that he had been taken by the human teenager.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Three figures swooped in from the sky and stopped next to Kurt.

They were the other three sea beasts who were at the Transformation Realm.

"Where is Prince Fergus?"

asked the man who had a short neck and a wide back. From his tone, it was obvious that he was nervous.

Kurt heard him but decided to not answer. The man didn't welcome the silence and immediately said angrily, "Prince Fergus has always lived in his palace! He has never cared about these kinds of things!

Who on earth told him about that stupid kid?"

Kurt was still silent, but he was starting to feel rage bubbling up inside him. When he could not contain his anger anymore, he let out a dreadful roar.

It was so loud that it was heard thousands of kilometers away. The waters beneath him even began surging uncontrollably, with the waves rising hundreds of meters high.

Despite the fact that the human teenager was only at the Imperial Realm, he had been the only one causing troubles in the waters of the Second Outer Ring these days.

Now, even the son of the Cyan Flood Dragon King had been captured by him!

Now, they, the powerful and dreaded sea beasts at the Transformation Realm, who had always dominated the Middle World Waters, were at a loss as to what to do next.

They were afraid that if the Cyan Flood Dragon King learned of what had happened, they would be blamed and would be given a punishment.

At the thought of the Cyan Flood Dragon King's terrible strength and cruel means, the four sea beasts at the Transformation Realm started to tremble with fear.

"What should we do now?

If we continue forward, we will reach the Third Outer Ring."

Carp apprehensively said to the other sea beasts, looking at the sea ahead.

They were all subordinates of the Cyan Flood Dragon King, who dominated only the sea areas of the Second Outer Ring. If they didn't inform the rulers of the Third Outer Ring in advance and just rushed into their area rashly, the sea beasts there would definitely be suspicious of their intentions. If that ever happened, the consequences would be more serious.

The division of territory between the different ruling sea beasts of the Middle World Waters was in fact very clear and orderly.

Generally, no one dared to break that set division randomly.

"We have no other choice!

The two bitches from the mermaid tribe, who are the prisoners that the Cyan Flood Dragon King has specifically ordered us to hunt down, are now with that human teenager.

Now, Prince Fergus has also been seized by the little s

in the shortest time possible.

Soon, he was able to reach the coast. He estimated that they would be able to get there in half an hour.

"Uncle Felix is living in a human city located near that coast,"

Olivia said quietly.


How does he live in... in a human city?"

Austin asked, startled by what Olivia had said.

Well, it was not common that you found a sea beast living in a human city.

"Okay then, let's go!"

Fully knowing his destination, Austin stopped asking questions. He identified the direction of the coastline and sped up even more.


"Look at how frighteningly fast that young man is!

It seems like he is faster than most of the cultivators at the Master Realm!"

"The woman in his hand is so beautiful!

I have never seen such a woman before!"

"I agree with you. She is so beautiful!"

As Austin and Olivia zoomed through the air, they attracted the attention of the human cultivators below them. They all admired his strength.

But most of them were taken by Olivia's beauty.

She really was a sight to behold.

Women from the mermaid tribe had always been known for their beauty. Aside from having an immaculate-looking face, they were born with biting charm.

Olivia was no exception. Even among the mermaids, she was famous for her unmatched beauty.

Perfection ran in her blood.

Human women could not compare with her, at all.

As they were on their way, a group of more than twenty people suddenly blocked their path.

"Hey, bro, stop for a moment," the man said, smirking. Austin relented, but annoyance and anger were already coloring his face.

"I'm Cayon from the Holy Sect of the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom.

I want to have a talk with this beautiful girl,"

he continued, his smile widening. Cayon was 17, handsome, dignified and confident. Despite his age, he was already at the medium stage of Master Realm. Everyone had already considered him as a prodigy, someone you didn't dare mess with.

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