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   Chapter 880 Capture The White Flood Dragon Alive

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"You brat!

You lowly human being, how dare you call my father's name directly!"

As soon as Austin called out the word 'Cyan Flood Dragon King', the White Flood Dragon was so angry that he screamed.

"Get him!"

The White Flood Dragon was surrounded by dozens of other beast masters, who were clearly his loyal followers.

Upon hearing the command of the White Flood Dragon, more than a dozen sea beasts with the strength of beast master level swarmed up to catch Austin.

"Your father is right. You are such a failure!"

Austin shook his head in disdain.

The four sea beasts in the Transformation Realm had not been able to stop him.

He did not understand how stupid the White Flood Dragon could be by trying to defeat him with only a dozen beast masters.

Austin released 2 million pounds of bodily strength instantly giving a heart-rending sense of danger since he looked like an unstoppable humanoid beast.

He then unleashed several punches in succession at lightning speed.

More than a dozen of the beast masters who were rushing towards Austin got severely injured. No one was spared.

However, they were not instantly killed because Austin wanted to use them for practicing his Beast Energy-extracting Skill later, so he didn't exert all his strength.

Otherwise, the sea beasts would have been killed immediately.

Austin used his spiritual sense to communicate with the City in his body. A transmission force sent more than a dozen seriously wounded beast masters into the City.


"Well, it's about time for the Cyan Flood Dragon King to pay me a little interest! I'll start with you!"

Austin stared at the White Flood Dragon with a fierce gaze.

For the past few days, he had been constantly protecting the two princesses of the mermaid tribe.

Austin had been chased by the sea beasts at the command of the Cyan Flood Dragon King and he had been fighting continuously with no time for rest.

Now that the son of the Cyan Flood Dragon King was right in front of him, this was a good time as any for the father's debt to be paid by the son!

Austin weighed his options and realized that he could just take down the White Flood Dragon and use him to practice the Beast Energy-extracting Skill.

A high level beast master was equal to 15, 000 pounds of physical power. It would be inconceivable to waste it.

What's more, the flood dragon race was said to possess the blood of ancient dragons. With such noble ancestry, the essence of blood contained in their bodies were far stronger than ordinary diabolic beasts.

It was very possible that after refining the body and absorbing the blood essence of the White Flood Dragon, the physical strength that Austin would gain would far exceed 15, 000 pounds!

Austin's eyes lit up and shone brightly at the thought of what he was going to gain.

He must hurry!

Austin unleashed his spiritual sense to take a survey of the situation behind him.

The four sea beasts in Transformation Realm were moving fast and looked like four meteors. They seemed likely to catch up to Austi

Austin, was chasing after the White Flood Dragon.

Every time it hit the tail of the White Flood Dragon, a thick smell of burned flesh permeated the air and countless white scales fluttered like snowflakes.

The White Flood Dragon, dismayed, roared again and again!

A powerful White Flood Dragon tail and a pair of strong and powerful giant claws, repeatedly resisted Austin's fists and the giant sun.

The White Flood Dragon was noble after all. He therefore had very powerful strength himself.

It was more powerful than the average advanced beast masters.

It was as strong as Carp who was in the Transformation Realm.

Austin was also impressed by the White Flood Dragon's strength.

The White Flood Dragon could probably kill opponents with higher ranks of cultivation base in a normal fight.

Unfortunately, this time, the opponent was Austin!

In less time than Austin spent breathing twice, he fiercely attacked the flood dragon.

The White Flood Dragon was injured with scars all over his body. It was a ghastly sight! He could no longer resist Austin's attacks.

The final blow was when Austin put all his strength in a single blow and hit the White Flood Dragon in the head with a fist. Blood immediately spurted out like flashing arrows.

He could no longer resist.

"How dare you do this to me!

My father will kill you!"

The White Flood Dragon, completely in panic, tried to use his father as protection to avoid death.

Austin manipulated the transmission power of the City and instantly transmitted the seriously injured White Flood Dragon to the City.

Utilizing the Thunderbolt Movement Skill, Austin flew away in an instant.

"You little brat! How dare you!

Let go of our prince!

Otherwise, you can't withstand the anger and wrath of the Cyan Flood Dragon King!"

A thousand miles away, accompanied by his demonic power, Kurt zoomed in like a bolt from the blue sky while letting out a sharp cry.

Austin smiled slyly without turning his head to look and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

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