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   Chapter 879 The Son Of The Cyan Flood Dragon King

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Frustrated and angry, Kurt swore that if he caught the damned human boy, he would torture him to death in the most cruel manner.

As luck would have it, while he still fumed and raged, feeling on the edge, he received a message from Carp, sent through beast soul energy.

Carp informed him that

they had found traces of the boy. They had clues to indicate that the boy had left the sea bed, heading to the Outer Third Ring of the sea.

On receiving the message, Kurt, through his beast soul energy, promptly issued an order to

hunt down and kill the human teenager.

After issuing the order, he quickly jumped out of the sea, turned into a red light and chased Austin wherever he went.

Not to be left out of the action, the three other sea beasts of the Transformation Realm also jumped onto the bandwagon, right behind Kurt.

Soon, all the beasts in the Second Outer Ring of the sea joined the chase. By the look of things, if Austin was going to survive the onslaught, it would take a miracle.

The whole Second Outer Ring of the sea was in a frenzy, everyone on the hunt for the boy.


In the distance, across the vast expanse of the sea, a figure flickered in and out of sight, leaping forward.

That was Austin — staying relatively a safe distance ahead. As to how long that advantage would last, was anybody's guess.

But at the moment, he was quite satisfied with the speed of his Thunderbolt Movement Skill.

Using rapid improvements, Austin seemed to adept at tapping the spiritual essence of both wind and lightning.

Clearly he could feel the thunder and lightning that kept rumbling behind him as he moved.

To his advantage, Austin also had far better awareness of the wind in the surrounding space than before.

Riding on the slightest tide of available, he moved with far much ease.

In addition to Austin's vital energy, the Thunderbolt Movement Skills he was utilizing relied mainly on three forces —

wind, thunder and lightning, and his own vital energy.

Gradually, he began to immerse himself in two intent realms of wind and thunder at the same time.

He knew that this kind of state was precious but easy to disappear.

If he did not make good use of it while it laste


Behind him, countless beasts leaped in and out of the water, forming a funnel-shaped barrier to block Austin.

The white flood dragon leading the onslaught had scales as big as a man's palm, and a head, very similar to the other dragons, but without horns. Every move he made was confident and dignified.

With a single look at the dragon, Austin knew this was a high-level beast master.

Oozing of arrogance, then dragon began to taunt Austin.

"Ha-ha, poor young man. You didn't expect to meet me here, did you?

Kurt just told me that you're bringing that two bitches from the mermaid tribe to the Third Outer Ring of the sea, so I just laid an ambush at the junction of the Second Outer Ring and the Third Outer Ring.

I knew you'd fall into a snare, and then I'd easily catch you.

My father always praised my eight brothers for being excellent and independent.

But he always scolded me for being stupid and incompetent.

Today, I will present you

and the two bitches from the mermaid tribe to my old man, just to prove him wrong.

This gives me just the perfect chance to make him forever change his mind about me.

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to win my dad's approval."

The white flood dragon slightly swayed his colossal frame.

With his lantern-like eyes, squinting with excitement, he peered at Austin.


This guy is...'

An idea flashed through Austin's mind.


You are the son of the Cyan Flood Dragon King?"

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