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   Chapter 879 Ran From The Mountain Under The Sea (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6021

Updated: 2019-09-11 00:02

It stared blankly at Austin for a while before it realized who Austin was. Then it suddenly bellowed out an echoing roar.

It wagged its tail to make a signal to all the sea beasts in its team. Soon all the sea beasts under its leadership swarmed menacingly towards Austin. They were like bees surging towards him.

Seeing the incoming swarm of enemies, Austin planned to use his fists to crush all of them. He was confident that his physical strength was strong enough to kill them all.

But on second thought, he decided to try out the force of the first tier of the Golden Sun Scripture he had recently achieved instead.

He was quite curious how powerful it would be when he used the scorching energies in his elixir field against his enemies. And he was actually excited to finally have the chance to use it.

So he focused his thoughts and connected his mind with the huge golden ball in his elixir field.


The ball shot out from Austin's chest at a fleeting speed. It was like a cannon ball shot out.

The golden light it flashed lit up the entire sea. The sea water became transparently yellow like a sea of honey. Everything in it was so distinct under the brilliant light of the ball that even the tiniest dust floating could be seen clearly.

The sea water bubbled as the ball became hotter and hotter. . .

The ball swelled as soon as it left Austin's body and had expanded into the size of a house. It emitted heat as it continued to expand and enlarge. The sea water began to boil under the scorching heat from the ball.

The bubbling noise from the sea intensified as the water simmered more violently.

Countless steam bubbles surged towards the water surface endlessly. The bubble columns continued to increase both in number and in size, as the ball became

al energy would result to an increase in one's speed.


It had been a while since Austin left the area of the sea where he had previously hidden.

The huge mountain that had served as a refuge for Austin for a long time seemed gloomy in the blackness of the sea.

On a sharp peak of a mountain somewhere, Kurt in the red robe continued to advance in search of his target. He was all out in using his beast soul energy in order to check every nook and cranny of the road that was on its path.

An entire day had already passed since that human boy vanished from his sight.

For few hours, Kurt and the other three Transformation Realm sea beasts had to scatter in different locations in an attempt to search for the boy.

All they wanted was to find the boy on this huge covert mountain. So they searched the entire mountain over and over again lest they would miss some secret places.

Kurt's face looked sullen and dark.

He saw the boy escape from under his nose the second time around.

This time, all the four Transformation Realm sea beasts had taken action to search for him.

But he was still able to escape from them, as if he was ghost. It was utterly unbelievable!

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