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   Chapter 877 Ran From The Mountain Under The Sea (Part One)

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Austin knew exactly what this meant.

He had successfully mastered the first stage of the Golden Sun Scripture!

Reigning in his excitement, Austin gathered his vital energies again in order to connect his mind with the huge golden ball.

The ball of light suddenly shook once Austin's mind took control of it.

In a split second, it darted towards Austin's body and slipped into his elixir field.

Then it stopped and anchored itself near the Fire Stela.

To Austin's sheer amazement, a second ball of golden light suddenly appeared in his elixir field.

But it was quite small, much smaller than the other ball.

Although it was just as small as a sesame seed, Austin could clearly feel it for its golden light radiated bright and strong.

And this was actually a good sign.

Because this was a sign that Austin had already entered the second tier to practice the Golden Sun Scripture.


Austin took a deep breath to calm himself down, and subdued the burning energy within him to a normal level.

Austin sighed and immediately began meditating deeply.

He never expected that he would be able to improve his cultivation base to such an extent in such a short period of time! It was simply unbelievable.

Thanks to his relentless efforts, he had finally mastered the first tier of the Golden Sun Scripture.

Moreover, he had even achieved a cultivation base of preliminary stage of Master Realm at the same time. It was like hitting two birds with one stone.

He succumbed to depression and frustration after he was badly injured. But all the pain and suffering finally paid off because of what he had achieved.

But this amazing result also puzzled Austin. And questions started to pop up in his mind.

He wondered whether this resulted from the fierce battle between him and the four terrifyingly powerful Transformation Realm sea beasts. It could have stimulated his level of c

there were other ordinary sea beasts passing by in groups from time to time. They patrolled in a well-designed dense formation, checking every inch on their route carefully.

Most of the sea beasts were at the eighth, ninth or tenth level.

But there were also some sea beasts at the beast master level among them.

Austin sneaked in the narrow space, darting between rocks and corals for a short while, as he tried to find the perfect timing to leave the place.

Various fishes swam past by him from time to time.

He noticed that fewer patrol teams of sea beast roamed about at that moment.

Austin took this opportunity and jumped out of his hiding place.

Like an arrow shot from a bow, Austin surged towards the sea surface in a blink of an eye.

But then he saw a team of sea beast patrolling on his path.

He looked around and found more patrol teams around him.

He would certainly be discovered unless he made himself invisible.

The patrol team in front of him consisted of about fifty sea beasts.

And their team leader was a huge shark with a mouthful of razor sharp teeth.

It seemed like it was a preliminary beast master.

Austin's sudden appearance momentarily surprised the shark. It was as if it saw a ghost and was paralyzed in shock.

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