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   Chapter 877 Refining The First Golden Ball

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Austin continued to stuff elixirs into his mouth from time to time as he sat in silence.

Before heading for the Middle World Waters, he refined and purchased many healing elixirs so that he would be ready for anything that might come his way.

'I prepared these pills in case of emergency, but I really didn't expect that I would actually need any of them, ' he thought, a wry smile on his lips.

Cultivators usually avoided consuming a lot of herbs or elixirs at the same time as it was not good for their health.

Herbs and refined pills all contained enormous spiritual energy and power.

If one absorbed too much spiritual energy and power at any given point, it was almost certain that he or she would get seriously damaged. The body could only take a certain level of power.

But Austin's case was different.

Since he was specialized in body refining, he possessed an incredibly strong physical power. Ordinary cultivators couldn't match him when it came to body's toughness, tenacity, anti-strike force, and self-recovery.

This gave Austin the ability to take in a great number of elixirs and pills

without being overwhelmed by their immense power.

With eyes closed, Austin concentrated to feel his body and how it was doing.

After consuming a large amount of elixirs ranging from grade five to grade seven, he felt hot streams flowing through all the veins inside his body.

The wounds that he had sustained were all slowly healing, all thanks to the effects of everything he had consumed.

While he was downing all the needed pills and elixirs, he maneuvered the golden ball in his elixir field to leave his body. After a few moments of concentration, it got out and floated in front of him.

The ball whirled and glowed for a few moments before the spiritual energy of the superior vital energy crystals around him entered it.

With that, Austin felt like he was being enveloped by a potent and powerful spiritual energy.

This made him incredibly comfortable and relaxed.

Slowly, he began feeling that

his recovery speed had significantly sped up.

Half a day already passed when

he once again reached out for his drug bottles.

However, this time, he found every single one of them to be empty.

It was only when he looked down at the bottles nearby did he realize that he had used up all his healing elixirs and pills.

"Shit. Looks like I should have prepared more pills and elixirs.

I use

ball suddenly caught his attention.

It was still flying around him, creating a force field in the path that it was taking.

Truly, it was acting like the sun, and Austin could not be more mesmerized.

"Perhaps I managed to create a mini sun with the Golden Sun Scripture,"

he whispered to himself, speculating.

From the corner of his eye, he saw that there was a new development.

He just noticed that the things close to the golden ball was starting to burn!

Everything in the burning sphere's way was turning into ashes instantly!

Seeing that, Austin felt that he truly had refined the golden ball to the Perfect Achievement Stage!

Excitement was filling up his whole chest when

suddenly, a scene he had seen through the Fire Stela occurred to him. It was where the ancient ancestors were battling diabolic beasts.

"Every time the powerful ancient human master ordered his sun to attack, hundreds of thousands of his enemies died," he slowly said to himself as he was recalling it.

Inspired by that, Austin decided to test the power of his newly refined golden ball by imitating the way the human master attacked his adversaries.

Slowly, he aimed the ball at a three-story building nearby. Then, gathering all his concentration, he ordered it to attack.


A deafening sound rang out as the ball hit the building.

In the blink of an eye, the building was decimated. The only things that were left of it were ashes.


Austin exclaimed, unmatched joy in his tone. What happened impressed him so much—the golden ball was more powerful than he had imagined!

"I have made it!"

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