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   Chapter 875 The Mountain Under The Sea

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Kurt was standing on the water python which he had created by his demonic force and kept flying forward. His speed was equal to that of Carp.

The other Transformation Realm sea beasts were following him. They too were not slower than both of them.

Austin was moving ahead too. He took out many healing pills and put them into his mouth.

He was badly hurt this time.

The four sea beasts that were at the Transformation Realm were actually as strong as four human cultivators at the Astral Realm.

They were attacking Austin together, and it was being extremely difficult to face them. It cost him almost all his strength to survive for such a long time against them. And finally he had managed to escape.

Austin sent across his spiritual sense force behind to check on where his rivals were as they were surely following him.

The four figures were indeed pursuing him. They seemed to be moving as quickly as flashing light.

Behind them, numerous sea beasts also were rushing towards him. They were howling loudly, with the intention clearly to kill him.

Austin became very anxious at that moment. He was bewildered by the forces that were after him and there seemed to be no way out!

He was afraid that he could not last long if he kept flying and those beasts kept chasing him like that.

The four sea beasts at the Transformation Realm were not slower than him. He was worried that soon they would be able to reach him.

Austin thought hard about every possible way to flee from them. He did not want to get caught or get into a combat again with them.

All of a sudden, something hit a nerve in his mind.

It struck him when his eyes fell upon the surface of the boundless sea.

'Do I really have to keep above the sea and fly in the air?

It is empty above the sea so they can see far across and nothing will block their sights.

That is not good for me for it isn't feasible to escape while I am in plain sight.

But it is totally different under the sea.

There are all kinds of rocks, corals and even huge mountains under the sea.

And the different kinds of plants too will provide me good cover. Under the sea, the environment is complicated. That will make it easy for me to hide and run away.

Moreover, when I go under the sea, I can transport myself into the City and let the City turn into a grain of sand again. It could stay someplace safe on the mountain.

In such a complicated environment it will be impossible for the sea beasts to find me. At least it will be more difficult than being above the sea.'

Austin thought deeply about the plan.

As soon as the idea started to make sense to him, Austin did not hesitate to carry it out. He started moving his body even faster. After he flew another one kilometer, all of a sudden he changed his direction. He was going to dive down the water.

He jumped into the sea quickly.

Gaining momentum, he swam down. He had to make use of this opportunity.

He gave off his vital energy and a defense cover began to take shape which was made by his vital energ

man beings were eager to own.

From their point of view, they were much better compared to humans.

On the other hand, human cultivators were weak when they were born.

But they practiced with their vital energy and made themselves grow stronger.

Besides, there were pill refiners among the human cultivators who could refine all kinds of precious elixirs. Then there were some cultivators who could refine strong and mysterious weapons.

Thus, most of the times, equipped by all kinds of elixirs and weapons, a human cultivator could become stronger than a beast.

Whenever the beasts realized this truth, they felt it was unfair.

While the four of them were discussing Austin's whereabouts, countless sea beasts that had been following the four reached there as well.

Kurt gave orders at once that all those sea beasts had to start searching that area under the sea carefully.

The four sea beasts that were at the Transformation Realm also joined the rigorous search using their beast soul energy. .

While all this happened, Austin had been transported into the City.

He sat in the street. His face had turned pale. He gasped for a long while, and gradually his breathing became steady.

Then his mind began to unravel the things in his Space Ring.

Thousands of superior vital energy crystals appeared. He used them to form several superior vital energy crystal walls and sat at the center.

All kinds of healing pills appeared beside him as well.

Austin did not waste any more time. He started to meditate and heal himself.

Though he did not like to accept it, Austin knew that he was hurt badly.

There were several holes in his chest and back which were as big as a fist.

And many of his bones were broken.

His internal organs had been hit heavily and were damaged terribly.

As far as Austin could remember, he had never been hurt so badly ever since he had started to cultivate himself. This had been the worst of his fights where he was severely injured and had to hide himself from his foes.

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