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   Chapter 875 Hurt

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In a blink of an eye, ideas started filling Austin's mind.

But as he was deep in his thought, the ferocious python started to rush towards him. With its swift movement, it looked like lightning was aiming for Austin's direction.

These Transformation-Realm sea beasts truly moved at very fast pace — they did not slack against Austin at all!

With the threat fast approaching, Austin released his physical power and sent powerful punches towards the direction of the ferocious python's head.

At the same time, he used his Demon-creating Skill to launch an attack on Kurt.

This was the first time he was using spiritual sense to attack a diabolic beast.

Despite not knowing how it would go, he had no other choice but to do it!

Suddenly, he remembered what the gnome once told him that

the space where the human's spiritual souls stayed was called the 'Soul Sea, '

and for diabolic beasts, there would be its counterpart -- the 'Beast Soul Sea.'

Essentially, their structures were the same.

As Austin unleashed his Demon-creating Skill on Kurt, a roaring spiritual demon promptly appeared in Kurt's Beast Soul Sea, trying to attack his spiritual soul.

"This is impossible! He is just an ordinary human being! How could his spiritual sense be this strong!"

he shrieked. Feeling the pressure from the spiritual demon, Kurt could not help but panic.


After Kurt's Beast Soul Sea was attacked, the power of his python also decreased by a substantial amount.

With that, Austin was able to beat the python using quick, alternating punches.

He then buried more than 20 spiritual sense spears into Carp's head.

Since Carp's power was significantly lower than that of Kurt's at that moment, Austin believed it was easier to win the battle by defeating Carp first.

Suddenly, more than 20 spears had appeared in Carp's Beast Soul Sea, each flying towards Carp's spiritual soul while emitting an intensely powerful spiritual sense.

Seeing and feeling this made Carp feel very flustered. Immediately, he began using his beast soul energy in an effort to resist Austin's attack.

Unfortunately, Carp's beast soul energy was much, much smaller than Kurt's. They were never on the same level despite them both being the Transformation-Realm sea beasts.

They had different strengths and fighting capablities.

Sensing the panic that his attack elicited from Carp, Austin cleverly used his Thunderbolt Movement Skill to take advantage of the situation.

The next moment, Carp, who was hundreds of meters long, was lifted up by Austin.


Austin mercilessly landed his powerful punches on Carp.

her Transformation-Realm sea beasts, Carp followed Kurt and started to chase after Austin, too.


The four Transformation-Realm sea beasts chased Austin, with determination on their faces. With their incredible speed, they looked like four meteors zooming in the same direction.

If people knew that four Transformation-Realm sea beasts were not able to catch a human lad who had only just reached the premium stage of Imperial Realm, they would not have believed it.

"Boy, I won't stop until I torture you to death!"

Carp shrieked angrily.

As a Transformation-Realm sea beast, Carp was a big man in the Second Outer Ring area.

He didn't expect to be injured today by a human teenager!

It was unacceptable!

With the anger burning deep inside him, Carp used his carp body to glide above the sea at a much faster speed. In an instant, he was able to close a few hundred kilometers.

The scene sent ripples to the natural state of the Middle World Waters, and the other sea beasts soon began noticing that the four was chasing after something.

They then decided to follow them, despite not having a clear understanding of what was happening. Soon enough, countless beasts were after Austin!

The sudden movements from the sea beasts making their way towards Austin's direction made the sea restless.

With the knowledge that he was chased by four Transformation-Realm sea beasts, Austin's Thunderbolt Movement Skill seem to be much faster than usual.

He was thousands of kilometers away within a fraction of a second.

However, as the four Transformation-Realm sea beasts had such strong cultivation bases, their speed was no slower than Austin's.

In Austin's peripheral vision, he could already see Carp catching up to him!

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