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   Chapter 873 Being Attacked Together

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"Hey Carp! You see why I couldn't get to him these days.

His cultivation base in vital energy force isn't worth being mentioned, but his physical power is not to be taken lightly."

Kurt, the man in red gown, spoke. He wasn't surprised at all when he saw Carp taking a beating.

It was so because he was impressed by Austin's power from the first fight.

"Carp, you have to be more careful when you deal with him. Don't belittle him,"

Kurt shouted and reminded Carp. He still remembered how a few days ago, he was chasing the boy with so many sea beasts to kill him, but had failed.

Instead, thousands of sea beasts had been killed by him.

By seeing all that, Kurt was aware that Austin wasn't someone who could be easily defeated.

"Come on! Loser! I'll kill you! Die!"

Carp was annoyed by Austin. He activated his internal force and made it form two sharp daggers, which looked like scales and gave out cold light.

He made an attempt to stab Austin with those daggers with extremely fast speed.

Austin raised his right hand that held his Lightning Sword.

It hardly took the time of a blink of an eye.

And tens of sword aura rushed out.

They were flying towards Carp's daggers as the daggers were approaching Austin.

There was a loud sound of metals clinking.

More than ten rays of sword aura emanating from Austin hit the blades of the daggers unleashed by Carp.

Unexpectedly, the sword auras disappeared in the air.

And the daggers weren't damaged at all. They were still in good shape.

Carp was a sea beast of the Transformation Realm. He was as the same stage as a human at the Astral Realm.

Austin's vital energy force was two stages lower than Carp's. And he wanted to take advantage of that lapse.

The power of the sword aura of the Swift Thunder Swordsmanship mostly depended on the cultivation base of vital energy force of a cultivator.

Austin was quick to realize that he wasn't strong enough to fight against a man at the Astral Realm, with his Swift Thunder Swordsmanship.

Thinking about what to do next, a frown appeared on Austin's face.

But it didn't take him long to come up with an idea.

He decided that he had to use some other skills to fight against Carp.

He was ready for the second attack to come from Carp.

Exerting his Thunderbolt Movement Skill, Austin suddenly disappeared when he saw Carp make a move.

Carp had launched his daggers to stab Austin

s tail and tried to hit Austin again.

Figuring out just in time what Carp wanted to do, Austin tried to move away using the Thunderbolt Movement Skill.

But this time he couldn't do it as fast as he often did.


He was hit by the fish tail again.

He was being badly hit and injured. Austin could even hear the sound of his ribs breaking by the attack.

He was hurt terribly by now. He felt he was almost killed.

'No, I have to fight back.

If I don't fight back, most likely I'll be killed by these two beasts.

And the other two beasts seem ready and are well prepared to fight against me. They're in the Transformation Realm too.

So at present, I'm like fighting against four beasts of Transformation Realm, which equals to a fight against four humans of the Astral Realm. It's hard for me to beat them now.

Maybe getting out of here is the best choice available to me now.

Let me see. There're two ways to escape from here.

One is that I should transport myself into the City.

Another way is to fight till the end and get out of here.

Getting into the City sounds good, but the City will fall down on the island even if it shrinks to the size of a grain of sand.

Kurt won't leave this island. He'll definitely guard it here and keep searching for me.

After ten or more days pass, he would probably leave.

But I have promised the two princesses of the mermaid tribe that I will take them to their Uncle Felix.

Honestly, I am tired of staying here. I think I can fight to get myself out of this.'

At last, Austin decided that he would fight till the end and get out of there.

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