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   Chapter 873 Fighting Four Sea Beasts At The Transformation Realm

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The six mermaids were impressed when Austin killed the sea beasts with ease. Even though the sea creatures presented a challenge, Austin looked as if he were cutting vegetables.

After they had witnessed Austin's abilities, hope flooded into the hearts of the six mermaids.

All the worries and anxiety that had accumulated over the past few days seemed to have vanished.

After the fight, Austin opened one of the jade bottles.

Immediately, an intoxicating fragrance floated out of the bottle.

Austin felt as though the scent was relaxing all the cells in his body.

His body seemed to have been elevated a lot.

Austin was curious about the drop of dreamy azure liquid in the jade bottle.

The longer Austin stared at the liquid, the more he felt as if he were drowning in a sea of blue.

It was the ocean of life.

Austin looked at the liquid for a moment before he closed the lid.

"Violet, gnome, there are two drops of Magic Sea Water in the two bottles. I want you to take them."

Austin had learned from the gnome that the Magic Sea Water had a magical effect on demonic and diabolic beasts.

Therefore, he decided to give these two drops of the Magic Sea Water to Violet and the gnome.

At this moment, Violet and the gnome were weaker than Austin. So, they were in urgent need of the liquid as it would help improve their strength.


Thank you, master."

Violet had a connection with Austin's spiritual sense. So she knew exactly what Austin wanted and thus she didn't refuse him.

Since Violet was in the Illusion Bead, she used her magic powers to bring the two jade bottles to her.

Satisfied, Austin turned to leave the City. Before disappearing, he instructed the six mermaids to stay.

Curious, the six mermaids had asked Austin for an explanation. That was when they learned that the City was Austin's storage space, which he always carried with him.

As princesses of the mermaid tribe, Olivia and Lily had seen and heard a lot. So, they were not surprised by Austin's explanation.

On the contrary, the four maidservants were shocked. They had never before heard of a city being used as a storage space.

Their eyes filled with awe as they gazed at Austin. . . .

After leaving the City, Austin appeared on the uninhabited island he had visited before.

Since he had helped the two princesses to escape the sea beasts that were hunting them, Austin knew the creatures would be furious with him. He released his spiritual sense to examine his surroundings.

Soon, he detected many traces of sea beasts.

However, Austin was not surprised. After all, he was in the Middle World Waters, and there would be sea beasts in every corner.

After sensing for dange


Instead of being terrified, Austin was excited to see the ugly man charging at him. He wanted to see if his physical strength could withstand the attack from a sea beast at the Transformation Realm.

So, instead of ducking, Austin went straight for the ugly man.

At the same time, he released his physical strength.

"Take my punch!" Austin bellowed.

The ugly man's expression reflected the shock he felt as his opponent now looked and sounded as fierce as a monster beast.

"How can that be?"

The ugly man was startled by the physical strength that Austin had unleashed.

Of course, he dared not flinch.

Unsure of how to deal with Austin, the ugly man released a wave of surging demonic aura. It enveloped the whole space, like a sudden volcano eruption.

"Three Carps' Attack!"

cried the ugly man feebly.

Immediately, the surging demonic aura quickly condensed into three giant green fish.

A strong stench of salty seawater filled the air around the three giant fish. After being summoned, they wasted no time in producing numerous violent tides.

Each giant fish was five to six hundred meters long. Unafraid, they charged at Austin from three different directions.


The three giant fish collided with Austin's fist.

One giant fish broke.

The force of the shock repulsed the other two.

However, Austin didn't budge. He stood firmly in his spot, as though rooted.

"No way!"

The ugly man's eyes widened. The result of the collision left him dumbfounded.

He was a sea beast at the Transformation Realm!

And his enemy was a human youth at the premium stage of Imperial Realm.

In a direct battle such as this one, he did not have the slightest advantage. On the contrary, he suffered significant losses.

It was strange and unacceptable to Carp.

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