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   Chapter 872 Magic Sea Water

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"Yes. His name is Kurt, one of the Cyan Flood Dragon King's followers," Olivia replied.

Being a princess of the mermaid tribe, she knew many famous sea beasts in the Middle World Waters.

"A follower!" Austin muttered, surprise evident in his eyes.

'The man in the red robe is really powerful. He is even stronger than an Astral Realm cultivator!

But he is just one of the Cyan Flood Dragon King's subordinates, ' he thought, furrowing his eyebrows.

'That means that the Cyan Flood Dragon King has other subordinates who are much stronger than him.

And that's still not considering that the Cyan Flood Dragon King is much, much more formidable in terms of strength!'

Ever since Austin had reached the Middle World Waters, most sea beasts he had encountered had been weaker than a beast master. Undoubtedly, Kurt was the most difficult adversary he had ever come upon in the region.

With that, Austin was finally able to form his opinion on the beasts in the Middle World Waters.

Before, he thought the beasts preferred to attack their enemies together, mainly because they were not strong enough.

But after all that he had been through, he had realized that this notion was wrong.

'It turns out I just haven't met the powerful sea beasts the Middle World Waters boasts of just yet, ' he said inwardly, chuckling.

"This area is heavily infested by lots of sea beasts. The chances for you to survive if you decide to fight your way out are very slim,"

Austin said frankly.

'These six mermaids are too weak. They surely wouldn't be able to handle several level-nine and level-ten sea beasts, not to mention the beast masters, ' he remarked in his head, sighing.

The six girls shared knowing glances with one another.

Then, all of a sudden, they all knelt down before Austin at the same time.

"What... What are you girls doing?"

Austin asked, taken aback by the sudden gesture.

"Sir, we have a favor to ask," Olivia began, looking up at Austin's face.

"Only if you help us, might we be able to get to the Outer Third Ring waters,"

she said earnestly.

"You... you want me to escort you?"

Austin asked, a frown slowly creeping up his lips.

He was indeed feeling pity for the six mermaids, but he didn't want to get himself involved with the fights that were happening amongst th

what had happened to him in the Cyan Sect of the Elite Holy Kingdom.

The Holy Daughter of the Cyan Sect, Sissi, had promised to let him cultivate in the Vital Energy Cleansing Pool

if he escorted her back to the Full Moon City.

But, after doing his part, she backed out and Austin ended up making an enemy out of the Cyan Sect.

Until now he couldn't get over it.

He didn't want to make the same mistake again.

"Sir, my sister and I each took two drops of Magic Sea Water with us.

Rest assured;

my father is a grateful person—

if you agree to help us save our tribe, he will give you Magic Sea Water," Olivia earnestly said, further convincing Austin to help them.

To further prove her point, she and Lily each took out two jade bottles.

"When we three left, my father gave us each two drops of Magic Sea Water

so that we can keep ourselves well even if we get badly injured.

I will give you four drops of Magic Sea Water right now.

The very moment we arrive at our ancestral mausoleum, my father will give you the rest of the three bottles promised. You have my word on that,"

Olivia said, handing four jade bottles to Austin.

Austin once again thought for a while, and finally, he had made his decision.

He took two jade bottles.

"You know what? I will take two drops first.

You can keep the rest in case of any emergencies," Austin said.

"Thank you very much, sir!"

Seeing him take the jade bottles, the six mermaids knew that Austin had already accepted their request.

They were overjoyed.

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