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   Chapter 871 Division Of The Regions Of The Middle World Waters

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Austin hurriedly bolted into the distance after he broke out from the ring of encirclement, an overwhelming number of roaring sea beasts following closely behind.

He utilized his Thunderbolt Movement Skill to the full extent, producing a series of crackling sounds of thunderbolts.

As he gained more understanding of the wind and the thunderbolt, his bodily movement skill had also gained a significantly deeper import of the two.

About an hour later, he finally broke away from the pursuing forces of sea beasts

and arrived at a quieter sea region.

The Middle World Waters was said to be boundless and larger than the four continents occupied by human beings combined.

For the past twenty days or so, Austin's activity was limited within the sea regions in the vicinity of the coastal continent

rather than the area far from the continent.

Now, he was heading towards the high sea.

After getting rid of his pursuers, Austin released his spiritual sense towards the stretch of all the possible directions.

It didn't take him much longer to find an isolated island.

In the vast expanse of the ocean, such isolated islands were dotted everywhere in great numbers.

Austin played the old same trick. He landed on the isolated island and teleported himself into his City.

The City shrank into the size of a grain of sand and mixed with the dirt on the island.

In the City, Austin spent some time sitting in meditation

as the previous skirmish unexpectedly made him tired.

Slaughtering tens of thousands of sea beasts drained him both physically and mentally, mentally especially.

After half a day's worth of meditation, Austin was back in his peak condition.

First thing he did was to locate the specific positions of the sea beasts that he teleported back to his City, then he flew towards the nearest ones.

Next, he continued the cultivation of the Beast Energy-extracting Skill. .

Within two days, Austin's physical strength had reached two million pounds, after he finished the refining process involving all the remaining sea beasts trapped in his City.

However, during his couple days of cultivation, he started to encounter a problem.

With the continuous enhancement of his physical strength, the efficiency of the transformation from blood es

the outer ring region, the inner ring region, and the core region.

Each region is then further divided into three more layers;

the First Outer Ring, the Second Outer Ring, and the Third Outer Ring.

It's the same thing for

all the three regions," she patiently explained.

Over the past month, Austin's range of activity was limited in the Second Outer Ring.

Now he had no more doubts about the division of the regions of the Middle World Waters.

"So, do you have any plans?"

Austin asked the two princesses.

There had been an internal conflict within the mermaid tribe and, in addition to that, the Cyan Flood Dragon King's underlings were chasing after them.

The six maidens were definitely facing a great dilemma.

"Young hero, we have had a discussion

and we have all agreed that we would go and find Uncle Felix in the Third Outer Ring.

My father have originally sent us out to call in reinforcements from Uncle Felix, but we got intercepted by the underlings of the Cyan Flood Dragon King the moment we got to the Second Outer Ring,"

Olivia replied.

"Bring in reinforcements?"

Austin blurted out in surprise.

"So, the man in the red robe who chased after me a few days ago, is he also an underling of the Cyan Flood Dragon King?"

Austin anxiously probed. As a sea beast at the Transformation Realm, that man in red robe was able to use demonic power martial arts skill in his attacks. Austin was growing more concerned about the strength of the so-called Cyan Flood Dragon King.

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