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   Chapter 870 Break Through The Tight Encirclement (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6532

Updated: 2019-09-08 10:55

In spite of Austin's terrifying power, the sea beasts, which were left, did not seem afraid.

The ones that remained rushed towards Austin like moths got attracted to a flame. Sea beasts which were at the outer circles approached Austin after their peers of the internal circles had been blown up and reduced to flesh and blood.

The noises got louder and more violent.

In the face of ceaseless attacks by the sea beasts which kept coming fast, Austin employed his energies with no mercy. At last, he warded off the remaining sea beasts and took the chance to leap into the air. He finally left the sea surface and positioned himself in the sky.

Once he was in the sky, Austin took a look around. He noticed that the uninhabited island, which had been there previously, was gone. There was nothing.

It had been destroyed and the whole island sunk into the sea!

He was quite certain that it must have been demolished by those sea beasts when they were leveling the island in search of him.


Austin realized that he had become the focus of every sea beast in that area of the sea.

He saw that some sea beasts seemed to be able to fly above the sea surface while some swam in the sea water. They were still darting towards Austin, their target of attack.

He saw that more and more sea beasts were coming. Numerous sea beasts covered the whole area of the sea. They were like locusts swarming a farmland.

There were various types of them. There were beast masters and sea beasts ranging from the fifth to the tenth level.

In a blink of an eye, Austin found himself being besieged by them.

He looked at those sea beasts joining together to attack him. A bitter smile flashed on his face.

The sea beasts had many races and astonishing productive abilities. There were so many of them there. To outnumber the enemy was a way for them to win during the fight.

Austin knew that there was no other way to defeat them, but to

ol quickly.

The situation lasted for about another one hour. Austin didn't know how many sea beasts he had already killed.

His arms turned sour and weak and he was getting exhausted.

Luckily, Austin found out that he had reached the periphery of the encirclement.

But there were still many other sea beasts that were approaching to attack him.

Austin tried his last strength to fight back and kill those sea beasts that were pursuing him. About fifteen minutes later, he finally succeeded in running and breaking through the thick encirclement that had been made by the sea beasts.

With the help of his Thunderbolt Movement Skill, he crossed the distance at the fastest speed he could manage. He felt exhausted and did not have the strength to look back and check whether there were any sea beasts still pursuing him.

According to Austin's estimation, he must have killed at least thousands of sea beasts even if that number hadn't hit a ten thousand.

However, the most important thing was that he had harvested many beast masters and level ten sea beasts, and had transported them to the City.

There were just five or six days to go and the effect of the Magical Beast Elixir would end completely.

He had to make good use of the remaining days before the effect wore off!

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