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   Chapter 868 Break Through The Tight Encirclement (Part One)

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For some time in the past, Austin had visited various seas searching for sea beasts. It was a boring and exhausting journey. He had seen endless oceans and felt that his efforts had gone in vain most of the time.

He never dreamed of such a great opportunity—so many advanced sea beasts came to him voluntarily. And he would have the freedom to pick anyone he desired!

Taking advantage of the opportunity, he extracted and purified over twenty beast masters and more than a hundred level ten sea beasts within one day alone.

That was a stunning number. It was a record he had made by extracting and refining sea beasts in recent days.

This achievement brought a fervent fire and enthusiasm to the young man's eyes.

He made a count of the sea beasts he had extracted and refined, then he thought of the Transformation Realm sea beast. Austin wondered whether he was still outside. He was anxious to see how much the sea beast would empower him if he could extract and refine that beast.

Austin was completely aware that there must be many advanced sea beasts in search of him and the two princesses from the mermaid tribe.

He also recollected that it was almost twenty four days from the day he had swallowed the Magical Beast Elixir.

So, there was only six more days to go—not too much time in his hand!

He valued every minute he possessed. So, he wanted to extract and refine more and more sea beasts in that duration.

This opportunity was rare. He knew that it would be impossible for him to see so many advanced sea beasts gather together again! He had to make the best use of the chance he had.

He planned to break through the tight encirclement made by those sea beasts. He had to do it, whatever would be the cost!

He would go on to hunt several other advanced sea beasts and brought them back into the City to improve his physical strength via the Beast Energy-extracting Skill.

Austin had made up his mind to keep doing

were eager to seize Austin for he was the reason they were all there.

All those monsters turned crazy and violent at the sight of Austin. They rushed towards him from every direction.

Several sea beasts had already approached him and blocked his way.

Most of these sea beasts were in the range from the seventh to the ninth level in terms of their strengths.

"Make way. Now!"

Austin roared in anger.

He outstretched his arms, clenching his hands into tight fists. With mighty forces passing through his hands, he swept his fists across.

Suddenly, the sea water rolled and seethed, as if an unseen hand was stirring it relentlessly. The violent force produced by Austin's fists swashed the sea water vehemently.

The sound of splashing water echoed around for a long while.

All those seventh, eighth and ninth level sea beasts were nothing compared to Austin's strength of over one million pounds. They were like fragile grass caught under the mighty force of his fists.

The power of Austin's fists was so strong that every sea beast that was present there had been blown up into pieces as soon as the massive force hit it.

Carcasses and lumps of flesh floated on the surface of the water. All the blood turned the sea water red. The vast area of the sea smelled of only blood.

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