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   Chapter 868 Sea Beasts Tide

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The other members of the squad had also noticed the stirring seawater and kept their guard up.

They readied their vital energy force and weapons for the upcoming fight when suddenly, a clattering sound was heard.

Hundreds of sea beasts bounced up from under the sea at lightning speed and surrounded the whole squad of warriors.

It was overwhelming to witness such numerous sea beasts charging all at once.

Those sea beasts varied in their strength from sixth to tenth level.

At least four or five of them were beast masters.

In all honesty, they were strong enough to annihilate the entire squad.

Once the creatures sieged altogether, the warriors from the squad were sent into confusion and frantic.

Under pressure and desperation, all of them exercised their consummate skills with the hope of withstanding the fierce attack from those sea beasts.

But those sea beasts greatly outnumbered the human warriors.

Although one warrior stepped into the breach as another fell, two fists were no match to the eminent strength of the sea beasts.

To make it worse, four or five warriors were already injured in just a few breaths' time.

"Captain, help!" said a squad member at the medium stage of Imperial Realm in his last breath.

Tragically, he was cut in halves by a sharp claw of a demonic crab.

All he could do was scream for help as he was dying.

Unfortunately, every member was trapped at bay. Nobody could spare a hand to save him.

Two strongest Master Realm masters of the squad were also under siege by two or three beast masters. They were basically hanging on a thread considering the situation.

"Seek help from nearby squads!

Send your message through jade slips!" a warrior at the medium stage of Imperial Realm shouted to his men.

He fished out his own jade slip to seek help from nearby squads.

The other members hurriedly took out their own jade slips and called for help too.

Their only chance was to acquire external help as everyone in their squad was either trapped on besieged.

But next moment, all of them got stunned.

Every one of them found themselves receiving the same messages one after another.

It seemed to have come from the squads around the area.

In other words, all squads in that region were under attack from the sea beasts.


Someone from the crowd shouted.

All the warriors tried to break out of the encirclement and ran for their lives with all their might.

However, the innumerable sea beasts had surrounded them layer by layer, env

o more talk about this subject," the Right Wing General uttered, ending the topic with finality. .

Just at that moment, Commander Zachariah's countenance changed a little.

A jade slip appeared in his palm as he turned his hand over.

A brief sense made him lose his demeanor entirely.

"It's terrible. Our troops are under siege by a large scale of sea beasts.

They have suffered heavy causalities. Here are their messages for help."

The voice in the jade slip sounded grave and crucial.

"What?!" The general and two elderly men were all stunned.

"Is it because of the sea beasts tide?"

One elderly man seemed to recall something, his face turning pale.

"No, it's been hundreds of years since the last time there was a sea beasts tide.

It can't be it this time."

The other three were all panic-stricken.

"Let's go and have a look. We will see."

The Right Wing General rose abruptly, and in a few flashes, he had arrived above the Trident Island.

Commander Zachariah and the other two elderly men followed him closely.

Their figures turned into lights as they left the Trident Island and rushed into the distance. .

Meanwhile, Austin was busy killing and refining the sea beasts trapped in his City.

In just a day, he was able to kill and refine so many of them.

Over twenty beast masters and hundreds of tenth level sea beasts were all killed and refined!

Austin's physical strength had increased another three hundred thousand pounds as he finished refining of their blood essence!

It was inevitable to exert so much energy along the process, but it was definitely worth it!

Now, Austin's physical strength was near 1, 800, 000 pounds!

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