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   Chapter 867 Kill All The Human Cultivators

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"Carry out my order. Secure the area. If someone comes, you can let them enter. But, no one is allowed to leave.

Scour this deserted island and don't miss any corners.

Bring that annoying human lad and the two mermaid tribe princesses to me!" ordered the man in the red robe. He was so livid that his face had turned red.

He initially thought that it would be easy to capture the two princesses from the mermaid tribe.

But a human teenager unexpectedly saved the two girls. And now, they were nowhere to be seen.

So, he ordered the beast masters to find them.

At this point, a batch of beast masters, who had just reached the island, gathered behind him.

Some were at the primary level, some were mid-level and some were at the top level...

The waters filled with sea beasts soon after the red-robed man gave his order.

There were hundreds of thousands of sea beasts.

A myriad of sea beasts surrounded the island where Austin had landed and destroyed it inch by inch.

Half an hour later, the uninhabited island, which covered an area of a thousand square meters, vanished.

The island and the surrounding sea turned into a mess.

While his crew searched for Austin and the two mermaid princesses, the man in the red robe leaped up and levitated in mid-air. He released his beast soul energy to sense the waters.

Two hours ticked by.

And he couldn't find any trace of them.

"This cunning human. You found a good place to hide. Doesn't matter. Once I find you, I will make you suffer," the man in the red robe murmured.

By now, he was overwhelmed with infinite hatred.

The demonic aura around him kept pulsating.

"Many human cultivators have come here in recent times.

They must have been in search of that residence.

Perhaps it will turn up soon.

The Cyan Flood Dragon King is also very interested in it.

Anyway, I can't let those damn humans enter that residence before us.

The human lad who saved the two princesses from the mermaid tribe must have allied with those cultivators.


Those human warriors dared to meddle with our business. It loo

tivators had been sent by the royal family of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

This group had been scouring the waters for the past twenty days.

They had searched most areas of the sea.

During that period, they had confronted numerous sea beasts.

With so many targets to pick from, these cultivators had hunted the top level sea creatures. They had collected several precious beast cores and valuable dead bodies of their prey.

Although they hadn't found the ancient master's residence, they had an abundant harvest.

Hence, all the cultivators in the group were happy.

'When I return to the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, I will sell these beast cores and the rare dead bodies of the sea beasts.

I'm sure I will earn a considerable number of vital energy crystals, ' they thought.

The group members talked and laughed as they flew toward their destination.

Sunlight sparkled on the surface of the calm sea. It was rare to see such good weather.

Since they had a good harvest and the weather was pleasant, the cultivators were in a good mood.

All of a sudden, whirlpools appeared in the sea.

The sound from the whirlpools grew louder and louder.

Waves, dozens of meters high, flooded the shores.

"Be alert, guys. Sea beasts are coming. Get ready to fight,"

the two Master Realm cultivators shouted with a frown as they detected sea beasts with their spiritual sense.

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