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   Chapter 866 Vanishing Into Thin Air

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10644

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After punching the shark which was a medium stage beast master, Austin kept executing his martial art skills.

Creating a giant vital energy hand, he held the injured shark.

As he kept launching the Thunderbolt Movement Skill, he advanced forward at lightning speed dragging the shark with him.

Just at that time, terrifying sharks leaped out of the water, one after the other.

There were many of them. Within a few moments, Austin saw nearly four or five hundred sharks that had leaped in and out of the sea surface.

When he was dashing forward, Austin activated the teleportation power of the City and teleported the injured shark through it.

The three sharks were beast masters and would help him increase his physical strength by about 20, 000 pounds. So, he was unwilling to let them off. .

Austin had moved ahead for a little distance.

There was a red flash and a man in red robes appeared at the place where Austin had met three sharks. He was with an anaconda measuring a length of more than 1, 000 meters lying under his feet.

The moment his eyes fell to his feet, he glimpsed at the stretch of water which was stained by blood.

His face fell.

"A bunch of useless garbage!" he mumbled.

He seemed to be very furious.

Making a random movement with his right hand, he released a streak of demonic aura.

Suddenly the silence all around was broken by sounds of explosion.

It sounded as if many balloons had exploded simultaneously.

Instantly, dozens of sharks that were at level eight and nine rushed out of the water. They were hit by the demonic aura and exploded.

Their blood and fleshy organs got spattered all over the air and turned everything red. The stink of shark blood suddenly filled the space.

It did not take more than a moment for the sea surface to be completely reddened by the shark blood.

Seeing that scene, the other sharks were scared to death. They didn't dare to show up on the water after that.

All the sharks which were floating on the sea surface dived into the water hurriedly and swam away desperately.

Within moments, the noisy atmosphere was replaced by a dreadful silence.

The man robed in red turned into a red flash and dashed forward. At the same moment he unleashed a demonic aura.


Quickly Austin teleported the severely injured shark into the City.

Then he went forward at top speed using the Thunderbolt Movement Skill.

For several moments there was silence.

Suddenly the sound of water stirring and bubbling was heard.

The sea in front of Austin started to shake violently.

Out of the sea, five demonic eels, leaped out. Each of them had a length of more than 1, 000 meters and they leaped out with a lightning speed.

Those were the lightning eels!

Austin was able to recognize the marine beast instantly.

The lightning eels were famous for their speed and brutality.

A commotion was heard from beneath the water. It seemed as if something was bringing storms in the sea.

Perceiving with his spiritual sense, Austin realized that there were numerous lightning eels rushing towards the sea surface.

Apparently, their purpose was to obstruct him

ng whom he was chasing.

"It's impossible. I saw him enter the forest."

The man in red robes became anxious and shocked at Austin's sudden disappearance.

Sensing that he wouldn't be able to locate Austin in this manner, he decided to employ another method. Quickly, he released a powerful sensing force to scan the whole island.

What he used next was the beast soul energy.

He kept scanning around and perceiving for a while.

He still was unable to find any clue about the location of the young human being. The young man seemed to have left without a trace.

Losing his patience, the man in red unleashed a powerful beast energy which hit the ground violently.

Stretches of soil were displaced and the ground shook.

In an instant, the height and area of the island was cut down by hundreds of meters.

Now, the man robed in red waved his sleeves several times. Piles of soil got swept down and fell into the sea.

While performing the destructive action, he kept using his beast soul energy to perceive the area carefully.

After all those efforts he had made, the man was unable to find what he was looking for.

It infuriated him that he still couldn't find the human being.

He was angered because it seemed as if the young man whom he was looking for, had vanished in thin air.

The truth was that the man robed in red was actually a beast which had reached the Transformation Realm.

His strength was equal to a human cultivator who was at the Astral Realm.

However, the process of diabolic beasts cultivating beast soul energy was harder when compared to the process of human beings cultivating spiritual sense.

Therefore, the beast soul energy of the man in red robes was not very powerful.

In spite of a large amount of strength, his beast soul energy was weaker compared to the spiritual sense of an ordinary human cultivator who was at the Astral Realm.

And that weakness was working in Austin's favor.

Thus, even though the City in which Austin was hiding was on the island, the man in red robes was unable to sense him by using his present beast soul energy.

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